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Work-From-Home Wardrobe Essentials: How To Dress When You're Remote

Comfortable yet professional style options for your remote lifestyle.

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Working from home for the first time is a major adjustment, but it has its perks—including no dress code. The flexibility to choose your wardrobe can be both freeing and a bit overwhelming. You might find yourself staring down your closet wondering, "What do I wear?," especially if telecommuting is new territory for you.

Working from home is a change, and your fashion has to adapt as a result. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style though. It's possible to look good and feel good, even if you're not in the office

It's all about striking a balance between professional and polished and comfy and cozy. Here are a few tips to get you started on finding the best work-from-home style for you.

How to dress when you work from home

light natural makeup

1. Do a "light" version of your usual makeup

Put on light moisturizer and brighten sleepy eyes with concealer. A little mascara and blush can also help your face feel "done" without too much fuss.

2. Embrace business casual

It's hard to feel motivated when you roll out of bed and work in your sweats. That's why getting dressed for work can mean the difference between a productive work from home day and a challenging one. Aim for an outfit that you feel comfortable in, but would still feel good about wearing out of the house. Make sure it's consistent with what you'd typically wear to the office. You want to appear ready to get work done, not lounge around.

3. Choose a collared top

Pay careful attention to the tops you select because that's what will be in view during video conference calls. A collared oxford blouse provides structure that oozes crispness and professionalism. If you supervise others or simply want an extra touch, throw on a cardigan or blazer before hopping on camera.

4. Show love for leggings

Your favorite pair of black leggings make the perfect accompaniment to a nice sweater or over sized top. Stretchy bottoms aren't as constricting as slacks or jeans, which means you can relax and move around more easily—and your coworkers on the other end of that conference call will be none the wiser.

comfortable leggings

5. Opt for an easy dress

A cotton dress is a great go-to when you don't feel like wearing pants or leggings. They're low maintenance and a useful option to throw on for those days when you're rushed and still want to look and feel good.Throw on a comfortable maxi or midi dress with lots of stretch and you're all set.

6. Project power with accessories

Simple, understated jewelry is usually best, but you can pop on a statement necklace or earrings if you want extra presence. Accessories give you a way to express your personality and add some pizzaz so you can stand out and have a little fun with your fashion.

selection of comfortable shoes

7. Have a selection of shoes

For some people, putting on their shoes can help signify that they're ready to work. There's no need for high-heels when working from home, but it's wise to have footwear to choose from. Stock your closet with comfortable sneakers, wedges, flats and mules to mix-and-match with your outfits.

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