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Work Capsule Wardrobes: Power Dressing & Business Casual

When it comes to power dressing, we believe in wearing what makes you feel like a boss.

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When it comes to your work wardrobe, we believe what you wear can make you feel powerful while remaining comfortable. From power dressing to business casual, we've got your work capsule wardrobes covered.

How to Dress like a Boss

Power dressing is all about pulling together a confidence-boosting outfit that establishes authority and expresses your desire to be taken seriously. So, what do you wear when you actually are the boss? Our very own Men's Styling Director, Emily, shares what's in her professional work capsule wardrobe, and the essentials she can’t live without. 

complete power dressing work capsule wardrobe
white button down and blazer

Emily’s essentials: 

“Every professional capsule wardrobe should have a white fitted dress shirt, a solid blazer, a patterned earth-toned blazer, a fitted sheath dress, high-waisted wool dress pants, and heels in black and nude.”

Why it works: 

A strong foundation of business wardrobe essentials makes getting dressed in the morning that much easier, allowing you to focus your energy on more important work decisions.

What my business style communicates: 

“My professional style should say that I am confident, yet approachable and knowledgeable. People should be curious about what I do for a living from what I wear.”

power dressing wardrobe capsule essentials

Go-to power outfit: 

When it’s warm out, Emily prefers wearing a classic sheath dress and a pair of stiletto heels to feel her best.

Favorite brand of pumps: 

“Jimmy Choo shoes are well worth the investment because of how comfortable they are—I can walk around all day in them without any pain.”

If heels aren’t your thing: 

Flats with a pointed toe are an elegant alternative. 

woman wearing sheath dress and black heels
sheath dress and black pumps
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striped blouse and trousers

The most important factor: 

“When it comes to workwear, professionalism is most important to me, because people perceive you in a certain way based on how you present yourself.”

Why we love this look: 

The silhouette of each piece is simple, but it’s the bold printed top and coordinating suit that really showcases her personal sense of style.

The one takeaway: 

Wear what makes you feel your best, most confident self, because that’s what power dressing is all about.

capsule dress, heels and handbag

More looks to complete your power dressing work capsule wardrobe:

Business Casual Work Capsule Basics 

For many people in the workforce, the office dress code is business casual. But that’s vague. And we know it’s vague. So to help, we’re running through a capsule wardrobe you can wear to almost any workplace. If your office falls on the spectrum between professional and casual, this one’s for you. We even enlisted our own project manager, Anisha, to talk about her stylish business-casual outfits and which items help her to tackle her day-to-day.  

business casual work capsule look
business casual essential items
business casual blazer outfit

Standout piece: 

Wide-leg pants. Navy is classic, and this geo print is on-trend for the season.

Most versatile layer:

A tailored blazer in a casual fabric is the layer to own when you want to polish up anything from jeans to dresses.

Anisha’s style in two words: 

“Relatable and approachable. I believe being too dressed up can come across as a little intimidating. As a project manager, I want people to feel comfortable around me.”

wide leg pants business casual looks

Why it works for Anisha:

Between managing dozens of projects at work and corralling a young son at home, some days simply require stretchy pants and a comfy pair of flats.

Her most important element:

“Comfort. There’s nothing worse than feeling self-conscious about how you look. I believe you do your best when you feel your best.”

How to accessorize:

Simplicity is ideal. Thin gold hoops or small studs add a touch of shine without being a distraction.

floral shirt and stretchy pants
business casual capsule items
pull quote
colorful striped dress

What Anisha loves about this look:

“It’s awesome to wear something elegantly feminine that has the same elements of a traditional work piece, like a collar, cuffs, and a button-front.”

Where to wear it:

Work or interviews, of course. But this is easily a date-night outfit, too, with a modern clutch and statement earrings.

Dressing it down:

Add a light-wash denim jacket and swap the pumps for wedges or espadrilles.

striped dress and heels
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