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A Work Capsule Wardrobe for Power Dressing

When it comes to power dressing, we believe in wearing what makes you feel like a boss.

A Work Capsule Wardrobe for Power Dressing
February 25, 2019

When it comes to your work wardrobe, we believe in wearing what makes you feel like a boss. It’s all about a confidence-boosting outfit that establishes authority and expresses your desire to be taken seriously. So, what do you wear when you actually are the boss? Our very own Director of Custom, Emily, shares what her work capsule wardrobe looks like, and the essentials she can’t live without. 

Emily’s essentials: 

“Every professional capsule wardrobe should have a white fitted dress shirt, a solid blazer, a patterned earth-toned blazer, a fitted sheath dress, high-waisted wool dress pants, and heels in black and nude.”

Why it works: 

A strong foundation of business wardrobe essentials makes getting dressed in the morning that much easier, allowing you to focus your energy on more important work decisions.

What it communicates: 

“My professional style should say that I am confident, yet approachable and knowledgeable. People should be curious about what I do for a living from what I wear.”

Go-to power outfit: 

When it’s warm out, Emily prefers wearing a classic sheath dress and a pair of stiletto heels to feel her best.

Favorite brand of pumps: 

“Jimmy Choo shoes are well worth the investment because of how comfortable they are—I can walk around all day in them without any pain.”

If heels aren’t your thing: 

Flats with a pointed toe are an elegant alternative. 

The most important factor: 

“When it comes to workwear, professionalism is most important to me, because people perceive you in a certain way based on how you present yourself.”

Why we love this look: 

The silhouette of each piece is simple, but it’s the bold printed top and coordinating suit that really showcases her personal sense of style.

The one takeaway: 

Wear what makes you feel your best, most confident self, because that’s what power dressing is all about.

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