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Underpinnings to Make You Swoon This Val Day

Let’s talk about your first (or only) layer.

Underpinnings to Make You Swoon This Val Day

Underpinnings can feel like a taboo topic, but it’s one of our favorites because, well, everybody needs them! Socks, robes, and pajamas can be stylish. And if Valentine’s plans are on your calendar and you’re looking to catch some bedroom eyes, we can help you with that, too.

Bras and undies

There’s just something about putting on a matching set that makes you feel invincible, even if you’re the only one who gets a look. When considering sets, think about how much coverage you like or need and choose accordingly. Some collections include multiple styles of underwear and bras in the same fabric, so choosing what works for you is so much easier.

Layering tanks

Sometimes you don’t realize you need a new white tank until you get one. It’s always good to have a supply of fresh layering tanks available because of how incredibly versatile they are. They’re a blank slate for cardigans, jackets, and sheer tops, but they’re also great for another layer of warmth. And for ladies with long torsos, layering a tank is an easy solve for too-short tops.


Shapewear gets a bad rap for being necessary, but unsightly. We don’t think it has to be that way. There are plenty of shapewear options that create flattering figures while also looking great on their own. Some look just like high-cut underwear, while others are full coverage for those nights when a form-fitting dress is the move.


Get your Zs on in the comfiest of pajamas. If you’re someone who runs hot while sleeping, consider PJs in cotton, linen, or rayon because they’re light and breathable. And if V-Day is on your mind, silk is an incredibly luxurious option

Hosiery and socks

One of the most underappreciated undergarments in the book. We all know about socks (and love the adorable pairs here), but we’re also talking tights and hosiery. Instead of packing away all your dresses and skirts for colder months, experiment with legwear in different colors and patterns to make them year-round pieces.


Robes are great when you’re just not ready to get dressed yet, i.e. post-shower, pre-getting dolled up for an event, or before you’ve had your morning cup of coffee. They run the gamut from snuggly to sexy, so have a few on hand in different fabrics.