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Stylish Dinner Outfits for 3 Types of Restaurants

Because the hardest part should be figuring out where to eat, not what to wear.

Women's dinner outfit
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Ever find yourself stressing at the thought of what to wear to a restaurant? Turns out, you’re not alone. Nordstrom Trunk Club recently ran a survey and found that 65% of people studied feel overwhelmed when getting ready for a night out. That’s a lot of people. And though different restaurants have different dress codes, we’re here to help ease your styling woes. Keep reading to learn how to put together a few women’s dinner outfits that are just right.

Women’s fancy dinner outfit

Fancy dinner date

If we had to pick, we’d rather be overdressed than underdressed at a fine establishment—it’s hard to regret looking your best. Our number one tip for the 46% of people who have felt underdressed at an elegant restaurant is that it’s always best to err on the side of caution. Our go-to outfit for a fancy night out? A cocktail dress and pumps. Just be sure to elevate the look with dainty jewelry and a cashmere coat.

Relaxed night out

We know that getting decked out for an informal eatery can make you feel a little out of place. And given that 41% of people have actually felt overdressed at a casual restaurant, there’s an outfit formula that’ll help you avoid this. For a casual girls’ night out outfit, dark-wash skinny jeans (sans distressing) and a cashmere sweater serve as the perfect base pieces. Play up the chicness with a cropped jacket, sleek booties, and adjust your accessories to fit the vibe of the evening.

Women’s casual dinner outfit
Women’s business casual dinner outfit

Business meeting

Going out for dinner isn’t always about pleasure, sometimes it’s for business, too. We’ve been to our fair share of networking events and understand why 34% of people have felt underdressed at them—it’s hard to decipher what to wear to these things. But since the nature of the event is to make connections and strong first impressions, business casual is the way to go. Power pieces like a structured blazer, tapered trousers, and textured pumps will always be our top picks.  

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