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Casual Winter Outfits for the Weekend

These looks were styled for the weekend, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn on weekdays, too.

Casual Winter Outfits for the Weekend
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As much as we’d like to escape the cold by spending our weekends snuggled up on the couch while watching our favorite holiday movies, there are far too many fun winter activities we’d hate to miss out on. So to make the most of our weekends, we’re sharing four women’s casual winter outfits based on a few different activities. Just know that with outfits this good, we won’t blame you for wearing them throughout the week, too.

Enjoy a theatre show

When going to any kind of live show, you’ll want to wear an outfit that is relaxed yet sophisticated—a polished look shows you respect and honor the work of the actors.

  1. Start with a pretty blouse with interesting details like structured shoulders or a peplum waist and style it with a pair of dark-wash jeans.
  2. For a chic touch, keep your coat, shoes, and bag monochromatic. The simplicity makes for a striking statement.
  3. Then, complete the outfit with sophisticated jewelry, like a pair of bold earrings to draw the eyes upwards. 
Women's theater outfit: blazer, boots and dark denim
Women's skii outfit

Bring out your ice skates

Whether you glide on the ice like a swan or hold on to the rails for support, one thing is true for experts and novice skaters alike: the rink is always freezing and warm clothes are a must.

  1. Non-restrictive pants are important for skating with ease. If wearing denim, consider a pair with stretch.
  2. Hold all your belongings while keeping hands free with a crossbody or belt bag.
  3. If you’re renting skates, don’t forget to bring your own pair of clean socks.

Play in the snow

Winter is the perfect time to bring out your inner child. Between sledding, snowball fights, and making snow people—having plenty of functional layers is key.

  1. Since you’ll be layered up, breathable clothing is ideal. An easy pullover sweatshirt and a stylish winter coat will keep you warm and comfortable.
  2. Keep a pair of sunglasses on hand for afternoons where the sun is shining—it gets especially bright when the light reflects off the snow.
  3. Faux fur lined weather-proof boots are more than just stylish, they’re a warm barrier between your feet and the freezing snow.
winter outfit: puffer coat, boots and dark denim jeans
Women's winter outfit

Head out of the city

If you’re in search of picturesque winter vibes, it might be time to take a road trip with your girlfriends. Here’s what you’ll need: a great playlist, delicious snacks, and a comfortable outfit.

  1. An oversized sweater and relaxed-fit cargo pants are always our top picks for a road trip because they feel just as homey as pajamas. Play up the outfit with a pop of neon.
  2. Sneakers you can easily slip on and off saves time when you need to hop out of the car at a rest stop for a bathroom break.
  3. Don’t forget to bring a jacket and beanie for when you arrive at your destination.
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.