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Women's Activewear for Every Workout

Need an endorphin rush? What you wear will get you halfway there.

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Once the holiday glow (and, if you’re us, the accompanying overindulgence) starts to fade, new fitness routines are a natural next step. It’s easier to find spare time in the winter months, and heading into a new year always feels a little like hitting the reset button. Plus, there’s no better excuse for a guilt-free shopping spree—not only does exercise boost your mood and your confidence, it also requires its own wardrobe of workout clothes. The activewear that’s trending for 2021 is designed for double duty, so it’ll feel good while you’re working out and look good even after it gets sweaty. Whether you prefer to hit the home gym, strike a yoga pose or head outside for a run, these outfits will help you stick to your fitness goals in style.

For Your Workout

The home gym has its perks—you get to choose the channel on your TV!—but there's definitely a downside: it's a little too easy to skip an early-morning session when your bed is right there. Fresh gear is a great motivator when you're establishing a new routine, so it helps to have your outfit all ready to go. For gym time, lightweight, high-performance layers are good go-tos. Choose breathable pieces made from a technical fabric like polyester. These will wick moisture away from your body so you can stay cool no matter how intense your workout gets. This way, you can mix it up if something starts feeling stale, and you get the support and coverage you need whether you're targeting your workout to one area or going for a full-body circuit. And just in case you need more incentive, a layered look lets you run right out to the coffeeshop once you're done.

Our stylists suggest: Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is a London-based brand that specializes in stylish, versatile women's workout clothes, like the leggings on the right. We love the subtle leopard print, plus the fact that they're made from a moisture-wicking compression fabric that supports your muscles and flatters your figure.

Black water bottle, black yoga mat, black sports bra, black hair ties, grey womens sweatshirt
womens cheetah leggings

For Your Yoga Flow

The explosion of athleisure in the fashion world means that you have endless patterns, prints and colors to choose from when it comes to yoga gear. But there’s more to consider if you’re actually planning to wear it for your practice. Along with the fun, you need to factor in the functional—your yoga clothes should be soft, stretchy and flexible enough to take each pose as far as you’d like. The last thing you want is a tight waistband or itchy seam to snap you out of your serenity. A great-fitting sports bra will be your best friend (especially when you’re upside down). Pair it with a cozy wrap for a quick transition from studio to street.

Our stylists suggest: Zella

Whether you’re working out or hanging out, Zella is there for it. Like this wrap jacket, each piece combines comfort and performance, so you’re ready for whatever the day brings. And if you’re looking for plus-size activewear, Zella’s got you covered. 

grey womens sweatshirt

For Your Run

Prefer to skip the treadmill and get your cardio outside? Hit the ground running in styles designed to keep you comfortable and dry as the miles fly by. When it comes to running in colder climates, finding the right jacket is essential. You'll want waterproof running shoes, but breathable and lightweight enough to move with you. And the brighter the better—your number-one goal is to be seen. Once you have that last layer nailed, the rest depends on the day. Until you get a feel for how your internal temperature changes, a good rule of thumb is to dress like it's 10–20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. This way you're less likely to overheat once your body warms up.

Our stylists suggest: Nike

Nike knows a thing or two about running. Founded by a track athlete and his coach, the brand is obsessed with innovation. So you can go head to toe in women's activewear knowing that each piece is designed for athletes of all levels.

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