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Airport (and Stylist) Approved Outfits

Let’s get you through that security line quickly.

Airport (and Stylist) Approved Outfits
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

Your trip is booked, you’re all packed up, and you’ve arrived at the airport. One final hurdle until you’re on your way to relaxation: dreaded airport security. Shoes off, jacket off, belt off, and did you remember to take your change out of your pocket? According to our survey,* getting through security is the most stressful travel moment people experience. While we may not be able to do anything about the lines, what you wear makes all the difference in minimizing your time once you get to the front. Here’s the Nordstrom Trunk Club stylist approved (TSA) way to seamlessly get through security in style.

Wear slip-on shoes

There’s nothing like a boot full of laces to stress you out during a security check. Avoid the hassle altogether and wear shoes you can slip right in and out of, such as loafers, mules, or athletic shoes. That means shoes with no laces at all, or a pair you can loosen up for the security line. Slip-on sneakers are an excellent choice if you’re someone who finds themselves running through a terminal every now and then. Just please remember one thing: always wear socks.

Dress comfortably

Being comfortable means different things to different people. Some like to look put-together, while others opt for straight athleisure. No matter your preference, we recommend pieces that aren’t too constricting around your waist or your legs. Think wide-leg pants or straight-leg jeans so you have room to stretch (sorry, we can’t do anything about the leg room), or toss on shorts or a dress. Tees, tanks, and short-sleeve button-downs are the way to go on top.

Bring a lightweight layer

Is it just us, or are planes either really, really warm or really, really cold? No matter what, you’ll want to have a layer on hand. A lightweight layer shouldn’t be an afterthought either, because a third piece can tie a look together. And if you’re tight on suitcase space, wearing a layer on the plane frees up room in your bag. A simple cardigan gets the job done if you’re in it for comfort as well as warmth. Light jackets are great, too. But maybe avoid pieces with an exceptional amount of hardware if you’re worried about metal detectors.

Keep everything in one place

If you carry a small purse or bag, consider transferring your essential items into your larger personal item, then packing it into your suitcase or carry-on just for the trip. Minimizing the number of things you have to keep track of is an easy way to streamline the process. If you can manage it, make your personal item a one-stop shop for everything you need. Pack your passport, ID, charger, lip balm, gum, etc. all in the same spot, so you only have one place to look.

Getting through security is only part of the battle. What about packing for the trip itself? We have tips for that, too. Check out our packing lists for tropical vacations.

*Live Your Style Travel Survey by Nordstrom Trunk Club