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What to Wear on Date Night

Fancy dinner? Laid-back beers? Figure out exactly what to wear on date nights.

What to Wear on Date Night
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Getting dressed for date-night can be nerve-racking—you want to look your best, but can’t decide on what to wear. Whether it’s a casual trip to the movies or an elegant dinner, we’ll find you a look that’ll take their breath away.

Layering piece

An edgy moto jacket or classic fitted blazer is the perfect piece to pair with any outfit. Use your outer layer as a starting point, then style your outfit based on the night’s plans. A dress and heels are a great choice for a dinner date. If plans call for something a bit more casual, opt for chinos and your favorite tee.  

White moto jacket or fitted blazer for date night

Statement heels

Give bold shoes their shining moment by keeping the rest of your look minimal. Dress up your little black dress or even jeans and a blouse with statement heels that’ll take your look to new heights.

Pink suede heels or black mules for date night