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How to Throw a Virtual Bachelorette Party (and Still Have Fun)

If you can't hit the town, you can still step it up.

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Bachelorette parties are often all about hitting the town with friends and celebrating the bride-to-be. But what if you can't be together in-person? Enter: the virtual bachelorette party.

A little creative thinking and some digital technology are all the ingredients you need to make your betrothed bestie feel special. Here's how to throw a memorable bash, no matter how far away you are.

1. Digitally spread the word

When picking a date and time for the bachelorette party, opt for a weekend or an evening when everyone can set aside a few hours. Send a digital invitation outlining the logistics, schedule, and any important information to be aware of like special attire. Create a group chat where your friends can collaborate on planning and get each other excited.

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2. Send the bride a gift ahead of time

It's tradition to get the bride-to-be something special to commemorate her bachelorette. If you're looking to go beyond lingerie, think about getting her pieces she can get more use out of. Depending on the bride's style, consider comfy athleisure or loungewear for staying in or maybe a fun cocktail dress that she can wear on your call.

3. Get all dressed up

You can still look good even if you're partying from your living room. Do your hair and makeup, and switch out of sweatpants into your favorite night-out clothes. Go all out and choose a group outfit—have everyone wear all black while the bride wears all white, for example.

4. Make it festive

Have everyone decorate their background to celebrate the occasion. Put together a custom playlist with songs the bride loves. Do mini speeches sharing stories of good times past and your hopes for the couple's future.

5. Don't forget the drinks

Choose a signature cocktail for the party. Distribute the recipe in advance so everyone has the ingredients on hand.

6. Choose an activity

Mix things up with a fitness, cooking, or crafts class. Do karaoke or host a lip-sync battle. Play a few rounds of trivia to compete and find out who knows the bride best. You can even recruit a special guest (like the mother of the bride or the bride's fiancé) to make a special appearance.

7. Follow up with favors

After the party is over, send a memorable favor to everyone who joined. Personalized wine glasses or beauty products make great gifts, as does a more special memento like a dainty bracelet or a stackable ring set.

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