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Sustainable Activewear We Love by Zella

Proving workout wear can set the trends, too.

Zella hat, tops, leggings, and teddy jacket

From a mindful yoga session to a daily bike commute, there are more ways than ever to make time for your health and wellness. And to outfit us for all the different ways, we need activewear that can keep up—we’re talking do-it-all-gear with performance technology (and style, too). Thankfully, Zella workout clothes eliminate the need to choose between fashion and function. The Nordstrom Made sustainable activewear brand merges runway-inspired designs with technical properties to help you look and feel your best. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Socially sustainable

If you care about where your clothing comes from, you’re not alone—more and more consumers are looking to make a global impact by choosing ethical and sustainable brands. With this in mind, Nordstrom works closely with its factories to ensure they’re meeting safety, health, and fairness guidelines. Since 2007 they’ve also partnered with HERproject, a nonprofit founded to launch worker empowerment programs for low-income women around the world. 

Zella sports bra, leggings, and pullover

Eco-friendly fashion

Plastic water bottles
Zella leggings

Zella’s signature Zeltek textile is created from post-consumer recycled bottles that are turned into fibers and knitted into an ultra-soft fabric. Certified yarn is examined under a microscope to make sure it’s legit. “The most important thing for us is to get validation that it is truly recycled,” says Paul Glynn, Zella’s senior director of men’s design. “And if it doesn’t help the performance of the product, we work on it until it’s right.”

Trendsetting style

Zella teddy jacket

The Zella collection proves you can achieve fashion-and-fitness harmony by making a style statement during workouts. “From runways to running trails, we travel the globe looking for unique designs and prints,” says Shannon Reed, Zella’s senior director of women’s design. “We research color, we look at macro trends and micro trends, we look at silhouettes that are happening—all to make a beautiful product.” Invigorate your workouts with striking tie-dye tops, ombré leggings, and sports bras with graphic prints that pop.

There’s also style-forward athleisure that taps even more directly into current fashion moments. Pieces such as cropped teddy jackets and tapered joggers support Zella’s commitment to styling your everyday, not just your workouts.  

Zella leggings
Zella teddy jacket
Zella tie-dye top
Zella snakeskin-print sports bras


In addition to featuring stylish designs, Zella pieces are made to keep up with even your most intense workouts. “We try to figure out what the problems are to solve for each customer,” notes Reed. “We then look at what the innovations are that we might add to those garments so that they are functional for you.” Each piece is designed to be flattering and comfortable, while incorporating peak performance properties. These high-performing, functional garments were created to enhance your workout and help you take it to the next level. 

Four of their signature design details include:

Zella invisible zips

Invisible zips for streamlined designs with less bulk

Zella flatlock seams

Smooth flatlock seams eliminate rubbing and irritation

Zella moisture-wicking fabric

Moisture-wicking Zeltek fabric keeps you dry and comfortable

Zella four-way stretch fabric

Four-way stretch fabric for a wide range of motion

Zella leggings and tops

Created for every body

“We have designed the line so it can cross over into your life,” says Reed. “It is fashionable, comfortable, and functional.” So whether you’re running a marathon or running errands, you can find of-the-moment designs that feature innovative performance features. Even better? Zella has extended sizing from 00–18, with select pieces available up to size 24. 

Are you ready for performance pieces that make a style statement? Get started to request Zella activewear in your next Trunk.