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The Summer Vacation Trunk

Get ready for your getaway with stylish, comfortable outfits.

Printed dress, orange bikini top, button-up, straw hat, handbag, denim shorts, sandals and white blazer.
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You've picked your paradise—now it's time to pack. The good news is we can do the outfit planning for you. Whether you're hitting the road, the beach or the big city, we'll find stylish, comfortable looks that are perfect for your destination.

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A women's outfit with peach sweater, orange tank, brown shorts, white baseball cap, yellow bag and brown sandals.

Road Trip

Comfort is key when you're behind the wheel—but you can still bring your style along for the ride. Go for fun, sunny colors and pieces that let you move when you stop to stretch your legs. And keep a sweater handy for when your fellow travelers blast the AC.    

Beach Weekend

Headed for a few days of sun and sand? Pack light and bright, starting with your favorite swimsuit and a couple of easy pieces you can throw on as needed. Don't forget to bring a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and plenty of SPF.    

A women's outfit with yellow button-up, straw hat, orange bikini top, embroidered denim shorts, sunglasses and sandals.
A women's outfit with white blazer, printed maxi dress, sunglasses, leather tote and white sneakers.

City Escape

If your urban adventure involves a lot of walking, put your feet first. Chic sneakers work with everything from dresses to denim. To go from morning to night without an outfit change, carry a polished layer that pulls the whole look together.    

Camping Trip

Gear up for a getaway in the great outdoors with comfortable, stylish pieces that'll take you from a warm morning hike to a chilly evening under the stars. Pro tip: be sure to break in your hiking shoes before you hit the trail.    

A women's outfit with green top, black leggings, black bucket hat, pink backpack and rosy hiking shoes.
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.