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The Most Stylish Outerwear for Wherever You Live

Because you should never have to choose between fashion and function, even when bundling up.

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Unless you live in Hawaii or happen to be a snowy owl with the uncanny ability to read this fashion blog, chances are you’ll need at least one great coat this season. Of course, winter means different things in different regions. For some people, it’s a (seemingly) unending slosh of snow, sleet, and biting temperatures. For others, it’s closer to what the aforementioned folks would refer to as spring. (No offense, West Coasters.)

With that in mind, we set out to pick some of our favorite styles for every region. Read on to see what you might want to add to your coat closet before winter hits.

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East Coast: Sleek and chic

The birthplace of prep is also home to some pretty large metropolitan areas, which leaves us dreaming of beautifully tailored styles. Though cities like New York or Boston may immediately bring chic black to mind, we think bold colors are a better bet for combating those wintertime blues. Round out your outerwear outfit with similarly sleek accessories like leather gloves, a wide-brim fedora, and weatherproof Chelsea boots.

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Midwest: Dependable details

Stylish practicality is the name of the game in the heartland, where it could be a polar vortex one day and nonstop precipitation the next. Durable outer fabrics insulated with warm linings are non-negotiables, as are design details like hoods and deep pockets for stashing the (two) pair(s) of gloves you’ll surely be toting around with you. Don’t forget a coordinating scarf and suddenly trendy duck boots for maximum protection from the elements.

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Mountain: Practically picturesque

Did someone say cabin getaway? Even if you’re not heading to a lodge, there’s something about cozy cold-weather outfits that feel perfectly apropos for this more rugged region. We love fleece or faux fur with outdoorsy accents like topstitched yokes and patch pockets. But if you want something sportier for a weekend on the slopes (or at least a ski-inspired Instagram post), an updated puffer is irresistible in pop colors or shimmering metallics.

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West Coast: Fashion-forward

If you’re anywhere in the Golden State, consider yourself lucky enough to prioritize fashion over function. (Though you Pacific Northwesterners can read more about all things parka here.) Rock that moto jacket all season long—it’s a style that only gets better with each wear—or other lightweight styles such as bombers and dusters. And given the lower levels of precipitation, you’re cleared for fashion fabrics like suede, velvet, satin, and denim.

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