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Spring Getaway Packing List

Get prepped for a few days away with eight essentials.

Spring Getaway Packing List
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

This year, spring vacation may be less about jetting somewhere exotic and more about finding adventure (or relaxation) a little closer to home. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up the time-honored tradition of the spring break shopping spree. This is the perfect opportunity to channel a vacation vibe in your wardrobe—even if you’re just visiting the next town over. Bonus: all that money you aren’t spending on plane tickets can go straight to your clothes budget.

 Getting ready to get away can be stressful—that’s just one of life’s little ironies. But having a list of vacation essentials gives you one less thing to think about, and it helps you avoid overpacking. Our list breaks it down to the basics—versatile, practical pieces you can mix and match for a weekend away. From here, feel free to add or subtract based on space. 

A women’s purple sweater.

1. Spring Sweater

Featherlight knits are a cozy comfort for cool mornings and after-sunset strolls.

2. Day-to-Night Dress

A sleeveless maxi is up for any sunny-day adventure—plus, it’s perfect for last-minute dinner plans.

A sleeveless denim dress.
A women’s color-blocked blouse.

3. Versatile Blouse

A button-up offers sun protection during the day, and it’s easy to dress up for evening adventures.    

4. Go-To T-Shirt

A simple white T-shirt keeps you cool and casual, wherever the day takes you.

A women’s white tee.
Women’s cutoff denim shorts.

5. Essential Denim

Opt for jeans if you’re going somewhere cool or cutoffs if it’s hot—better yet, make room for both.

6. Barely There Sandals

A pair that’s light, bright and strappy elevates any look without taking too much suitcase space.

A women’s flat sandal with multicolored straps.
A women’s sneaker in a combination of peach, cream and white.

7. Sporty Sneakers

When exploring’s on the agenda, slip into some comfy—and always stylish—sneakers.

8. Favorite Swimsuit

Save room for a swimsuit so you’re always ready to hit the beach or the hotel’s hot tub.

A two-piece swimsuit with a strapless top and bow-tied bottoms.
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.