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6 Hacks to Tackle Spring Closet Organization

Learn six easy ways to organize and refresh your closet this Spring

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Regardless of your personal style, it's almost every fashion lover's dream to have a big, luxurious walk-in closet. But in reality? It's likely your closet space is at a premium, so you'll need to get creative about how you store your pieces.

The good news is that now is the perfect time to rethink your storage strategy and get started on your spring wardrobe refresh. Below, six easy ways to make the most of your spring closet organization.

1. Think seasonally

The first step to your spring closet refresh? Filling your closet with pieces that are appropriate for spring, of course. While chunky sweaters and puffy parkas will forever have a place in our wardrobe, they're taking up some precious real estate once the temperature rises. To clear up some space—without getting rid of clothes you'll need in the colder months ahead—place your winter staples in an air-tight compression bag. Not only will this trick free up a lot of room in your closet, but it'll also take up minimal space. These vacuum-sealed bags are thin enough to be stored underneath your bed—yes, even when filled with sweaters and jackets.

Once the cool weather returns, you can place your spring and summer threads in these handy bags.

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2. Hone on your hangers

Never underestimate the power of a great hanger, especially during the midst of a spring wardrobe refresh. Sure, a hanger serves a strictly utilitarian purpose, but the type of hanger you choose can play a huge role in your spring closet organization strategy. While thick, plastic hangers are a great way to store clunky coats and heavy knits, they're surprisingly bulky. Since most (if not, all) of your winter apparel should already be inside an airtight storage bag, these hangers are taking up an unnecessary amount of space.

Instead, opt for a velvet style. In addition to being slim and space-efficient, velvet hangers are designed to keep your clothes from slipping. And they look pretty good, too.

Some people are guilty of filling their closets with far more hangers than they need. Even the strongest hangers can break, but having too many extras will only clutter your closet. To keep your closet from veering toward chaos, settle on a maximum number of hangers and stick with it. After all, you can always purchase more if you find yourself running low from breakages.

3. Go row by row

You may not be able to make your closet physically larger, but you can easily increase the amount of storage space. How? Add a second rung. Double your hanging space by picking up an expandable tension rod online or from your local hardware store. Some closets might be deep enough to place the tension rod directly behind the permanent bar. But if you're working with limited space, you can easily hang skirts and work trousers on a tension rod that's a few feet underneath the closet's original bar.

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4. Finesse the fold

Want to make the most of your drawer space? It's important to fold your clothes with care. While stacking your folded clothes horizontally has always been the storage status quo, it's not necessarily the most practical option. If you want to fit as much as you can into every drawer, fold your clothes so they stand up vertically (you can also roll them first). Not only will you reduce excess clutter, but you also won't need to rummage through your entire drawer to find that one T-shirt.

5. Utilize unconventional spaces

Fortunately, there are more places to store your clothes than inside a dresser or on a hanger rod. If you want to fill your space with as many clothes as possible, get creative with your closet's unoccupied nooks and crannies. While most closets vary in size, shape, and amount of space, every empty area is a storage opportunity waiting to be used.

There are plenty of spring closet organization ideas that are equal parts sensible and stylish. If your closet has a hinged door, invest in some over-the-door organizers. Have a blank wall or two to spare? A few floating shelves will be the perfect place to stow workout clothes or lightweight sweaters. Or, if you want to turn your fashion collection into a piece of art, hang your favorite accessories on a pegboard in your bedroom.

6. Clean out your closet

It doesn't matter how many space-saving hacks you apply to your closet, one thing's for sure: You should regularly clean out your closet. Simply put, it's impossible to make the most out of your closet when it's filled with clothes and accessories you never wear.

When a new season rolls around, go through your seasonal pieces and set aside anything that no longer fits, still has tags attached, or is stained, ripped, or worn beyond repair. From there, you can donate, sell, or throw out your former pieces—and make room for a new crop of threads. Read our tips on how to decide what to keep, donate or toss as a result of your spring closet cleanout.

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