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Sports Bras for Any Activity

Stylish support for working out or lounging around.

A tan high-neck bralette, a blue longline bra and a blue camo-print bra.
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Sports bras used to be the unsung heroes of our workout wardrobes, a hidden piece that offered support but not a lot of style. With the athleisure explosion, though, they started to take center stage. Brands began to play with prints, colors, straps and silhouettes, giving us options that function more as tops than undergarments. They aren't just for sports anymore—they're also for lounging, layering and flashing a peek of fun fabric. Whatever you're wearing it for, you need the right level of support, and we're here to help you find it. Check out a few of our favorites for every impact level.    

A tan high-neck bralette, a green longline bra with crisscrossing back straps and a white V-neck bralette.

Low Impact

Options like these offer light support that moves with you, so they're ideal for low-intensity activities and hanging around at home. They typically provide more flexibility and less compression, so the comfort level is high. The necklines range from crew to V, and with the trend toward longer silhouettes you can get the same coverage as a cami.    

Medium Impact

If you're heading out for a hike or into the gym, you'll want a little more structure. Medium-impact bras fit snugly to offer more compression and support. To distribute the impact evenly and keep things comfortable as your workout intensity increases, pick an option with wide straps or multiple slender straps.    

An abstract-print bra, a blue longline bra and a light-purple double-strap bra.
A green bra, a black high-neck bra with rainbow-colored insets and a blue camo-print bra.

High Impact

For exercise that includes a lot of bouncing, jumping or movement, a high-impact bra is your best bet. These usually have the highest degree of compression along with built-in support in the straps and bottom band. If your cup size is C or above, look for adjustable straps and bands to lock in the fit.    

Ready to find the sports bra that's just right for you? Fits and features can be inconsistent across brands, so it's important to try a range of styles and sizes. Let us know what you like and we'll send a Trunk full of options for you to try on at home.    

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.