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Versatile Work Capsule Wardrobes for Multitaskers

Smart-casual office attire? Yep. Post-work-drinks cool? Definitely. These work capsule wardrobe tips can be worn from the work day into the weekend.

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Office multitaskers, we see you: commanding the attention of a conference room one minute, then dashing off to meet a client for lunch the next. So, what do you wear to work when (mostly) anything goes? We asked our senior manager of Clubhouse operations, Mo, how her office wardrobe keeps up with her ever-changing workday. (Keep your eyes peeled for Mo’s signature oversized hoops in every look.)

The Smart-Casual Work Capsule

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The foundation:

Classic black trousers and dress shoes belong in every work wardrobe—but statement pieces, like this red blazer, are what make you shine.

Where to wear it:

Speaking events, a client meeting, or honestly any day you don’t mind grabbing a little bit of the spotlight.

Mo’s mantra:

“It’s better to have a few pieces that make you feel great than a closet full of uninspired items.”

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The twist:

Dark denim might be your gut instinct, but why not try white? It’s just as versatile. And with trendy matching loafers, you’re sure to be comfortable.

Why Mo loves it:

“Sometimes it’s hard to be an individual with an office full of fashionable women, so I try to put my own twist on things.”

Dressing it down:

If you have post-work plans on your agenda, leave the blazer at your desk and toss on the jean jacket.

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Why it works:

A jumpsuit is one of the least fussy pieces to have in your closet. No matter what’s on your to-do list, a jumpsuit will stay in place and out of your way.

Fit your frame:

Look for jumpsuits and dresses that hug your natural waist with elastic or faux-wrap draping.

Make it your own:

A detail as simple as popping a collar or cuffing your sleeves gives the outfit a unique spin.

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