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3 Looks for Self-Care Days

We’re highlighting three self-care activities that help us feel like our best selves, along with comfy and mood-boosting outfits to go with.

3 Looks for Self-Care Days

Taking care of yourself should always be priority number one. Whether that means a face mask at home or getting glammed up for a girls’ night out, we all need time to recharge. So today, we’re slowing down and highlighting three self-care activities that help us feel like our best selves, along with comfy and mood-enhancing outfits to go with.

Soaking up sunshine

A slight breeze and a little bit of vitamin D has a way of dissolving stress. Jumpsuits are fuss-free and whimsical—especially with adorably sweet florals—and they remind us that sometimes, a walk in the park is just what you need. Carry a roomy crossbody bag to hold a book or a journal near in case you find a comfy bench, and bring along a hat or sunnies to keep the glare out of your eyes. And snacks. Always make room for snacks.

Out on the town

You’re going out tonight! Your nails are done, your makeup is on point, your girls are gathered—now, it’s time to pick an outfit. A piece of advice: have fun with color. Even if the style of dress itself isn’t super flashy, there are lots of opportunities to jazz things up with details—check these scalloped edges and the multicolor accessories. If girls’ night means dancing, we recommend a block heel or an espadrille so you can stay on your feet all night long.

Quality “me” time

When a day spent in sounds like paradise, elastic-waist pants are a gift. Our pick has a high cut and ultra-wide legs to make it feel like you’re wearing your favorite pajamas. And since this day is all about comfort, go with a boxy cut shirt. They have a wider, relaxed fit so you can lounge and pamper yourself without feeling constricted. Don’t forget fuzzy socks or slippers!

Whatever your ideal day of self-care is—outside, on the town, or curled up in bed—the important thing is to take time for yourself.