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Outfits That Transition from Winter to Spring

Let’s talk lightweight layers.

Outfits That Transition from Winter to Spring

Rejoice! Spring is in the air (or at least it’s on its way). Unfortunately, we can’t jump into the season with two feet right away, but we’re teaching you how to take it one step at a time by adding lots of lightweight layers to your closet. Spring is the perfect excuse to start on a new style journey or try a new trend, so we have a couple of ways to start incorporating the season into your wardrobe.

Sophisticated chic look.

Sophisticated chic

Your classic jeans-and-sweater combo. It’s probably not far off from what you wore during the winter, but now you can finally break out the light-wash denim and feel good about it. A navy sweater works in November, just as it does in March, but it’s all about what you layer on top. The trick is to play with colors and materials. A suede jacket feels ready to welcome springtime in a soft, powdery pink. Match textures with a pair of suede Chelsea booties.


This look will have people turning heads—in the best way. Bringing a few statement pieces together into one look can feel daunting, but it’s definitely doable. Fresh, clean white ties the different pieces in this outfit together. And in case you haven’t heard (we’ve said it once or twice) outerwear is the perfect place to make an impression. So why not say, “Hi everyone! Let’s have a party!” in saffron yellow?

Trendy look.
Comfortable look.

Comfortable cool

This is the perfect day-date outfit when you don’t know if it’s warm enough to sit on the patio just yet. That’s because we’re talking layers, and lots of them. A classic chambray shirt is the foundation of this look, a great basic for any spring wardrobe. Pull on a knit cardigan overtop to add an interesting texture to the mix. And we didn’t forget about patterns—a utilitarian camo jacket is the final, casual-cool layer. And in case your jacket pockets can’t hold all your stuff, a metallic bag adds some shimmer to the look.