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Let Loose with Modern Boho Accessories

A modern, minimal take on free-spirited fashion.

Let Loose with Modern Boho Accessories

You can’t go wrong with sleek and polished, but adding a free-spirited accent to the mix can be refreshing. Boho-inspired style reemerged in the early aughts thanks to celebs like Kate Moss and the Olsen twins. Since then, it has evolved to embody an elevated, less-is-more approach. A single statement piece is often enough, which is why we love boho accessories. A hat with personality, an ornate necklace, or a fringed bag can transform a basic outfit. Want to give it a try? Below are four accessories that allow you to enjoy the trend without going into full festival mode.

Boho Sunglasses

Rounded sunnies

Because boho-inspired style evokes visions of sunshine and ease, it makes sense that sunglasses would be a standard part of the formula. Opt for a pair with round frames to capture the Penny Lane vibe. You can play with color by incorporating an unexpected frame hue like sunshine yellow, or try tinted lenses in pink or iridescent green.

Statement hats

When choosing a hat, find a silhouette that works with your personal style and the season. Need some ideas? Berets, a longtime favorite of creative and freethinking types, are back. If you’re looking for more coverage, try a wide-brim hat in wool. The material makes it perfect for the cooler months.

Boho hats
Boho handnags

Woven bags

Nothing captures the boho aesthetic like richly textured materials. Accents like leather trim and high-contrast patterns make straw or crochet bags more modern. Choose loosely structured silhouettes, like a strapped bucket bag, hobo bag, or saddle bag.

Whimsical jewelry

Romantic baubles are the ultimate jewel in the crown of the boho accessories trend. The right necklace or pair of earrings can liven up a standard outfit in seconds. Think large-scale, bright colors, and intricate details like beads, fringe, and natural textures. Keep a variety of these playful pieces on hand to add eclectic appeal to any outfit.

Boho jewelry