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Celebrity Event and Design Expert Jung Lee on How to Beautifully Organize Your Closet

Designer Jung lee on how to beautifully organize your closet

Jung Lee in NYC
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You might say Jung Lee is something of an expert when it comes to organizing. Her eye for "balance and proportion," as she defines it, has led to nearly two decades as one of Hollywood's buzziest event planners, staging nuptials and private events for A-list clients such as Katy Perry, Joseph Altuzarra, and Ronan Farrow. She was even named a top wedding planner by Vogue in 2018.

More recently, Lee opened a namesake home, lifestyle, and gift registry boutique in New York City that was ranked by House Beautiful as one of the Best Home Stores in America. By laying out the store as more of a cool, lived-in loft than a traditionally stocked retail space, she's continued to prove that there's an art to organization, and she is indeed a master of it.

Since we're more obsessed than usual with organizing lately (hey, there's only so much Netflix one can watch), we chatted with Lee about how to refresh and organize your closet, as well as what she's looking forward to on the fashion front.

As a home and lifestyle expert, how do you approach your closet?

A closet should be your source of inspiration, whether it is small or large (I have gone through the gamut in my lifetime). I color-coordinate my wardrobe. I put the tops up high, pants on a lower rod and dresses on the highest shelves or rods. I periodically alleviate clutter by passing [clothing] on to friends or family—it brings me great joy to see it have a new lifecycle.

What is your top tip for organizing closet clutter?

You must seasonally change your closets. If you take the time to switch out your closets, you will find things you forgot you had while moving everything around. You will rediscover treasures and everything old will seem new again.

Any easy tips for making your closet feel fresh for spring?

Lighting is key. Even if you just switch the light bulb to a soft bulb. I am not a fan of LED—I prefer the warm, bright lights. It will change your life.

[Your closet] should be your happy space. You can put up a small shelf and set your favorite fragrance or a picture of your loved ones on it. Whatever makes you feel joy, but it should feel bright and reflective.

How would you make a small closet feel bigger?

Mirrors! You can easily buy mirrors online. They are not expensive. Go as big as possible and just stick it on with 3M. Anyone can do it.

How would you approach a larger closet that needs organization and a new spin?

It should feel like your dream dressing room. Focus on an amazing light fixture or functional drawers that go from floor to ceiling that keep storage organized. Organization is the key to embrace what you have and not be wasteful. In my own closet, I purchased an antique lighting fixture on 1stDibs (pro tip: Always underbid, as you usually will get it). I love wallpaper and, as an unexpected touch, I like to line my drawers with it.

How would you describe your personal style?

Easy, no fuss, clean lines with a feminine touch. Heels are a must—I would say I wear a minimum of 2.5 inches, and the sky is the limit. I am usually running in heels.

What are you looking forward to buying and wearing for spring?

I run around so much as the founder of Fête and Jung Lee New York. I recently have been wearing a lot of denim because I need a pocket for my phone. I am very practical.

Usually, I gravitate to a lot of black and white. But recently, I have been craving color. This spring I am looking forward to soft feminine colors and flowing dresses and skirts. Some brands that I love are Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Zimmerman, Veronica Beard, Victoria Beckham, Chloé, and Reformation. I like a mix of high/low dressing. And I love Prada shoes.

What essentials are always in your closet, regardless of season?

A staple in my closet is a crisp, white button-down shirt. I can never have enough. I am obsessed with them being pristine. I also love a black shirt. My advice is to invest in a staple piece that lasts. I have had several shirts for years, including pieces from Equipment and Sandro, and it makes the investment totally worth it.

A good coat is essential—it pulls your look together immediately. I also gravitate towards my two Versace belts.

Of course we're homebound for now, but what's your advice for dressing for summer events? Do you have certain outfit formulas that are your go-tos?

In my opinion, a flowing, pretty skirt is an essential piece. It can take on many personalities by adding a sweater, jacket, or a bandeau top. Although a dress is easier, it is not as versatile. The skirt can be dressed down with a denim jacket or dressed up with a silk shirt.

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