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Six Ways to Wear Cashmere Sweaters

Get inspired with day and night looks for cozy style staples.

brown womens turtleneck, cream womens cardigan, blue crewneck womens sweater
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We don't usually play fashion favorites, but when it comes to sweaters, cashmere is a pretty clear winner. The silky-soft fabric started trending right around the 13th century, and it's been going strong ever since. These days you can find options at almost every price point, but cashmere still holds a special place in our hearts (and sweater collections) as one of life's luxuries that's actually worth the investment. 

Aside from that otherworldly softness, there are lots of factors that tip the scales from "want it" to "worth it." Cashmere offers warmth without the itch that can come from wider fibers. It's lighter than regular wool, so you can wear it outside of sweater season. When it's treated well, it won't lose shape or pill up as easily as other fibers. And from a styling perspective, it's surprisingly versatile. To prove that last point, we picked three favorite styles and built day and night looks around each one.

1. Turtleneck

In the dark depths of winter, there's nothing cozier than a turtleneck. Turtlenecks also transcend trends, and they look good on everyone. Go ahead and check—you'll find one in every closet.

brown womens turtleneck, brown womens pants, gold hoop earrings, nike shoes

For our daytime look, we doubled down on texture—and the comfort factor—by pairing this turtleneck with nubby knit pants. Warning: once you go here, this outfit will be impossible to take off.

For night, we swapped in an A-line skirt in the same chocolate shade. Going monochrome elevates the slouchy sweater, while the skirt’s pleats keep the look loose and playful.

brown womens turtleneck, brown long skirt, womens gold bracelet, black womens loafers

2. Cardigan

Button-ups offer a little more structure—and a lot more room to play with proportion. We love the hourglass shape this one creates, and the roomy sleeves keep it from skewing too traditional.

cream womens cardigan, womens ripped boyfriend jeans, womens glasses, womens slippers

For our casual look, distressed denim takes this cardigan in a tough-luxe direction. Shearling slippers echo the sweater’s softness and the color of its buttons.

To dress it up, we balanced the sweater’s curve-skimming shape with a fluid silk cami and a long skirt that offers lots of movement. Dangling earrings seal the date-night deal.

cream womens cardigan, silk patterned cami, cream long skirt, pearl earrings, white womens sandals

3. Crewneck

Lightweight crewnecks are an all-season staple. Their beauty is in their simplicity; just throw one on and it adapts to any look. Opt for one that’s a little cropped to let your layers show. 

blue crewneck womens sweater, blue hat, brown t-shirt, tan joggers, grey womens sandals

We wanted to show off the sweater’s up-for-anything appeal with our daytime outfit, so we went with a boxy tee, breezy joggers and sport sandals.

For our evening-chic look, we layered the crewneck over a crisp button-up with an exaggerated collar. Tailored leather trousers are an edgy choice and look extra luxe against the cashmere.

blue crewneck womens sweater, white womens blouse, grey womens slacks, gold earrings, white womens sandals with heel

To keep your sweaters looking their best, check out our guide to caring for cashmere.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.