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Workwear How-Tos: Mixing Prints

Matching prints might seem tricky, but there’s one simple rule we always style by.

Workwear How-Tos: Mixing Prints

Who says workwear has to be boring? No one at Trunk Club, that’s for sure. Switch up your fall office attire and start incorporating prints into the mix. And because one printed piece isn’t always enough, we’re offering tips to keep in mind when matching them together. The golden rule of mixing prints: small patterns pair best with large patterns, and vice versa. Here’s how that translates into real outfits.

Mixing the same print into one outfit

Creative inspiration

We especially love a pair of pants in a flattering vertical stripe, a great workwear piece for any office. So, how do you wear striped pants? By pairing them with another stripe on top, you get an unexpectedly chic result. We recommend contrasting the narrow vertical stripe in the pants with a bold horizontal stripe on top. To add another striped element, try pulling a color from your outfit and incorporating it into an accent piece, like a scarf..

Mixing two different prints

Business-casual code

Remember the golden rule (of matching): one small print with one larger print. A jacket-and-cami combo is a classic business-casual look, so it’s nice to play around with different scales. The tiny dots on the cami are a great place to start—they’re simple, classic, and a print in black is easy to match. As far as your large print goes, we say the bolder, the better. Maybe even something a little romantic, like florals. As for the rest of the outfit, we’ve keep the pants, shoes, and jewelry simple and neutral.

Mixing multiple prints

Professionally patterned

How do you wear leopard print? Start with a blank slate—a figure-flattering one at that. A black pencil dress says, “I’m here to do business,” but a statement leopard-print blazer says, “I’m a boss.” Combine them together, and you have the beginnings of an exciting work outfit—all that’s left are the accessories. The tortoiseshell embellishment on the belt mimics the print on the jacket, so it’s not too much of a departure. Note the bag and the shoes also introduce new prints into the mix, but since they stay within the same color family, they complement instead of compete. 

We know that matching prints together can be tricky on your own. For more ideas on how to incorporate leopard print into your wardrobe, see our guide on how to wear animal prints. And if you have any questions about how to pull an outfit together or want to try a trend for the first time, talk to a stylist, and they’ll be happy to help.