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Baby, It’s Cold Inside: What to Wear When Your Office is Freezing

If the air conditioning is usually blasting in your workplace, layers are key to staying warm.

Baby, It’s Cold Inside: What to Wear When Your Office is Freezing

We’ve all been there before. Outside, it’s a warm summer day and the sun is shining bright —while inside the office, the temperature is more closely aligned with the arctic tundra. Frigid work spaces not only make concentrating on our tasks a much more difficult feat, but it also forces us to rethink our approach to summer dressing. We know the battle of the thermostat is a never-ending one, so we’re showing you how to take the high road by dressing for work in layered summer outfits.

Layer over

The key to layering in the summer is having pieces that are breathable, comfortable, and can easily be taken off if necessary. Taking this into consideration, it’s no wonder why lightweight cardigans are our number one go-to. Choose one with a slim fit to add a touch of panache to your smart-casual look, then really amp up your outfit by going for a bright pop of color or a contrasting texture. The best part about this layer is that when it’s time to go home, your cardigan can easily be stored away in your tote bag without taking up too much space.


Layer under

Love your sleeveless dresses and blouses but hate covering up the details by wearing a piece overtop? A long-sleeve layer worn underneath is the solution to keeping warm when the air conditioning is blasting, without sacrificing any sartorial choices. It’s also a great way to maximize the pieces you love by rethinking the way you’d typically wear them. For example, this solid-color shift dress gets a classic upgrade when paired with a button-down underneath. Just be sure to construct your layers properly—the outer layer should always fit a little looser compared to the inner layer. 


Layer around

You’re already wearing a blazer and you have long pants on, too. But yet, you still can’t shake the shivers. Now what do you do? We recommend keeping a lightweight scarf on-hand (or in your bag) for moments like this. Use this small but mighty accessory to wrap around your neck, drape around your shoulders, or to keep your lap warm. And since we’re all about double-duty functionality around here, choose a scarf that complements your look so it becomes an intentional component of your outfit. 


We can’t always win when it comes to setting the thermostat to our ideal temperatures, but that doesn’t mean we can’t outsmart a blasting air conditioner. Talk to a personal stylist today about building a summer wardrobe full of chic workwear layers.