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Fall Work Clothes for Women

Check out the pieces that’ll inspire your office outfits for the season.

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Fashion may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of corporate settings, big meetings, or important presentations—but for us it does. Because the way we present ourselves matters. Especially at work. And we may not want to admit it, but dressing professionally has the ability to impact our success in the workplace. So to ensure your work clothes create a positive impression, we’re sharing three outfits to inspire your next outfit of the day for the office. Keep reading for our take on fall work clothes for women.

Get down to business

If you’re on the executive team or have a leadership role that requires you to dress up, pantsuits or sheath dresses are standard options. But to breathe fresh life into your work clothes, we recommend going with a wide-leg crepe jumpsuit and double breasted blazer. This look delivers the same amount of sophistication as the tried-and-true, but with a twist that shows you’re not afraid to take risks that pay off.

Have fun with it

Who says a 9-to-5 has to be all work and no play? Refresh your office fashion with a whimsical printed top in a lively color palette. And if company culture is inherently more casual, straight-leg jeans in a dark wash are great for pairing with standout blouses. Whatever you do though, don’t forget to bring a cardigan along—it’ll come in handy for layering when the office AC is cranked all the way up.

Women’s red blouse and jeans outfit

Let your personality shine

Anyone in a creative role knows the importance of a comfortable outfit that also reflects their originality. To look sharp without distracting from your ideas, start with a pair of skinny jeans (the more stretch, the better) (the more stretch, the better) and a bold sweater. Bring the look together with a sleek leather jacket and cool ankle booties. Then use accessories, like statement earrings and a structured bag, for the perfect finishing touches.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.