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Fall 2019 Must-Haves

The kids are back at school, so treat yourself to an updated fall wardrobe.

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Back-to-school shopping is on. But in the rush to get your dorm room ready, don’t forget about your closet. We’ve picked five fall trends that will help update your wardrobe and give you a fresh start to the new season. From wear-with-anything jackets to shoes you can comfortably wear to pick up and drop off, see all of our fall 2019 must-haves, below.

Staple jackets

How they’re  elevated:

We’re big on third pieces, whether worn to work or an after-school playdate. A cool and casual jacket is the finishing touch that completes an otherwise standard top-and-jeans outfit.

Why they're great:

As we move from summer to fall, the mornings and nights start getting a bit chillier. To keep wearing your favorite tees and tanks from the summer, all you need is a lightweight layer on top.

Our favorite details:

You can never go wrong with a classic denim jacket, but if you want to mix things up, try out features like hardware, extra pockets, or drape fronts.

Upgraded tops

How they're elevated:

Basic pieces are the foundation of a great fall capsule wardrobe, but it’s good to get out of that box sometimes. Prints and patterns in warm, fall colors immediately take your outfit up a notch.

Why they're great:

Patterned tops with mid-length or long sleeves are incredibly underrated. They do a lot of the heavy-lifting in an outfit with just one piece. They also provide a little bit of extra coverage and pair well with everything from shorts to work pants.

Styles to look for:

We love wrap dresses for creating an instant hourglass shape, so why not translate that waist-defining love into a top, too? Wrap (or faux-wrap) blouses are easy and flattering.

Statement shoes

How they're elevated:

No matter the outfit, people will always see your shoes—which makes them prime real estate for a print or pop of color. There’s nothing like a statement pair to really energize an outfit. 

Why they’re great:

If getting the kids to and from school is back on the to-do list, we recommend flat, low, or block heels. It all depends on your comfort level. But comfortable doesn’t mean they can’t be sassy.

Colors to consider:

Take advantage of your favorite summer colors for as long as possible. With the right outfit combination, you can transition colors like coral, pink, and orange right into fall looks. But feel free to entertain jewel tones and richer shades, too.

Fun pants

How they're elevated:

Never forget that your pants can make a statement just as easily as a top or pair of shoes. A crisp, straight pair is excellent for work, and a wide-leg is as comfortable as it is chic.

Why they're great:

We love a great pair of denim, but the look can get stale if you’re wearing them day in and day out. It’s important to have a rotation of colors and styles to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh.

Fitting your shape:

If you’re petite, look for cropped pants; they’ll hit your ankle where you want them to. If you’re a curvier woman, navigate toward pants with a cinched or belted high waist to show off your narrow midsection.

Unique accessories

How they're elevated:

Bags, sunglasses, and belts are wardrobe staples, but we’re eyeing ones that stand out—particularly when it comes to construction. Bold geometrics are going to be popular this fall, so stay on the lookout for accessories with defined shapes.

Why they're great:

Like a jacket, an accessory can also be used as a third piece. Inherently functional items like tote bags and sunglasses can add texture, color, or an interesting silhouette to the look.

Pieces to try:

Treat yourself to an overtly glam accessory like a statement belt, scarf, or an over-the-top pair of sunnies. After that, all you need is confidence.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.