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At Home Date Night Ideas - What to Do and Wear

The cozy familiarity of your own space can make for an especially intimate evening.

Fancy Date Night at Home
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Though there's certainly romance in a night on the town, you can definitely ignite sparks in the sanctuary of your own home. In fact, some argue that the cozy familiarity of your own space makes for an especially intimate evening. To inspire your own date night in, take a cue from these five suggestions.

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Dressy Date Night In Look

1. Fancy date night at home

You could go full-blown fancy by ordering in oysters, lobster, or steak, or you could keep dinner casual with your go-to Thai place or burgers from a local brewery. The primary objective is to make the ambiance feel romantic and fancy. That means clearing off the dining room table, laying down a nice tablecloth, lighting some candles, and pouring each other a glass of wine.

What to wear:

Don't hold back on glamour even though you're staying in. A little black dress that hugs your curves is effortless and sexy and will further set the mood. Pair it with pointed pumps or block-heel sandals, dripping chandelier earrings, and a delicate necklace.

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Casual Date Night in Outfit

2. Cook your own meal from scratch

Some argue that food is the sixth language of love, and what better way to celebrate that than by whipping up something from scratch together? If neither of you are super familiar with cooking, opt for a simple recipe that'll be fun to make. Conversely, if either of you is more experienced, try a challenging recipe. In either case, good music, good wine, and good conversation are required.

What to wear:

Since you'll be cooking, we recommend keeping things casual. Throw on a pair of figure-flattering straight-leg jeans, a cropped sweater with some texture, statement flats, and chunky bangles. Depending on what's for dinner, a kitchen apron may come in handy.

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Spring Date Night Style

3. Take a virtual salsa class

Who says you can't turn your living room into a dance floor? Create an open space so you both have room to move and then stream a free salsa class. YouTube has some excellent videos for beginners, and a handful of other websites offer free or inexpensive classes as well. If you're not feeling salsa, consider two-step or swing.

What to wear:

A bright floral spring dress with lots of movement is the easy choice for this date night in. Pair it with sexy, strappy heels that provide you enough foot support so you can still move around with ease.

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Cozy Date Night In Outfits

4. Get cozy and watch an old classic

The movie theater has its perks, but snuggling up with your partner on the couch with a giant bowl of fresh popcorn is hard to beat. It also affords you more movie options and the ability to press pause. Go for a classic you both love, or maybe a classic you've both meant to watch but haven't yet. There's no wrong choice in a movie, but if you're looking for suggestions consider "Casablanca", "Gone with the Wind", "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Dirty Dancing", or "The Princess Bride".

What to wear:

A matching set of knit loungewear will keep you comfortable and still look put together. Throw on a pair of fuzzy socks for good measure and consider a statement scrunchy while you're at it.

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Tees for date night

5. Stargaze in style in your own backyard

Those lucky enough to have a private outdoor space can enjoy this at-home date night idea. Lay a blanket down and lean into each other while looking up toward the sky. There are even stargazing apps you can download—such as Night Sky, Star Chart, or the NASA app—that can provide some guidance on what you're looking at. If you're feeling festive, pop a bottle of champagne and create a yummy charcuterie board.

What to wear:

Since you'll be laying down, opt for the cozy essentials—a pair of comfortable, loose-fit boyfriend jeans and a soft, simple tee. For some added warmth, layer with a bomber jacket. Tie it all together with easy flats and subtle gold-on-gold jewelry.

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