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Dressing for Date Night at Home

Get inspired with five ideas for a romantic night in.

Fancy Date Night at Home
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Dating looks a little different in these days of social distancing. But even if we can’t enjoy a normal night out on the town, that doesn’t mean date night is dead. You can still ignite sparks in the sanctuary of your own home. In fact, some argue that the cozy familiarity of your own space makes for an especially intimate evening. To inspire your own at-home date night ideas, take a cue from these five suggestions.

1. Go all out while ordering in 

You could order in from the best restaurant in town or keep dinner low-key with takeout from your neighborhood favorite. Either way, the objective is to make the ambiance feel fancy. That means clearing off the dining room table, laying down a nice tablecloth, lighting some candles—and dressing all the way up.

Little black dress and accessories for fancy at-home date

What to wear:

You don’t have to dial back the glamour just because you're staying in. A little black dress that hugs your curves is effortlessly sexy and will further set the mood. Pair it with pointed flats, shoulder-sweeping earrings and a bold red lip.

2. Cook a meal together

Some say that food is a love language, and what better way to celebrate that than by whipping up something special? If neither of you is super familiar with cooking, opt for a recipe that'll be fairly easy to make—and extra points if it's meant to be shared (nachos are never a bad idea). Conversely, if one of you is more experienced, try a challenging recipe. In either case, soft music, good conversation and a cute outfit are required.

Outfit shot with jeans and a sweater for making dinner from scratch

What to wear:

Since you'll be moving around the kitchen, we recommend keeping things casual. Throw on a pair of straight-leg jeans, a sweater that shows off your shoulders, sandals and some accessories that draw attention to your face. 

3. Take a virtual dance class

Who says you can't turn your living room into a dance floor? Create an open space so you both have plenty of room and then stream an online dance class. YouTube has some excellent videos for beginners, and a handful of other websites offer free or inexpensive classes. Choose whatever moves you, and make it as serious (or silly) as you like. 

Swingy floral dresses for virtual dance class

What to wear:

A flouncy floral dress with lots of movement is an easy choice for your dance-party date. Pair it with strappy, barely there heels that provide you with a little height and the foot support you need to really let loose.

4. Cozy up with a classic 

The movie theater has its perks, but snuggling up on the couch with a giant bowl of popcorn is pretty hard to beat. It also affords you more movie options and the ability to press pause. Go for a classic you both love, or maybe something you've always meant to watch. There's no wrong choice in a movie, but if you're looking for suggestions consider Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany's or The Princess Bride.

Cute loungewear for movie night

What to wear:

A matching loungewear set will keep you comfortable and still looks put together, especially when you add a colorful cardigan. Take that cozy vibe head to toe with a fleece scrunchie and chunky knit socks.

5. Stargaze in your own backyard 

If you have an outdoor space, clear skies and temps above freezing, this idea is for you. Grab a blanket and an app for guidance—check out Night Sky, Star Chart or the NASA app—and go see stars. You can even make it a picnic. Pop a bottle of something sparkly and bring a charcuterie board.

Warm layers for stargazing

What to wear:

Since you'll be lying down, opt for comfy essentials like a pair of jeans and a snug-fitting sweater. For some added warmth, layer on a quilted coat. Tie it all together with an easy scarf and beanie.

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