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5 Reasons People Stress About Their Dinner Outfits

Plus, our tips to make getting ready a lot easier.

5 Reasons People Stress About Their Dinner Outfits
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Whether you’re headed to a favorite neighborhood restaurant or a Michelin–starred establishment, choosing your dinner outfit can be a source of stress. You don’t want to feel over- or underdressed, and you want to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. In that spirit, we recently conducted a survey and discovered the top five reasons people feel panicked when deciding what to wear when dining out. Read on to find out our pro tips for how to overcome these stress-inducing scenarios.

1. “I feel pressure to look stylish” (41%)

The top response—and we can’t say we’re surprised. You want to match the level of formality of the place you’re going, of course. No one wants to show up in jeans to a high-end restaurant and feel out of place.

Tip: Wherever you’re headed, look up photos of the restaurant before you go to be sure you’re dressing appropriately for the vibe.

2. “My friends are really fashionable” (33%)

A full third of respondents reported feeling this way. It’s nice to have friends with impeccable taste and their own sense of style, but the flip side is that it can feel stressful to meet up with them. It makes it hard to just throw on whatever and be done with it. You need something striking but not too striking, something that’s you without being over the top.

Tip: Make a Pinterest board with outfits you like or celebs whose style you admire and share it with your stylist on the Nordstrom Trunk Club app. Anything that helps them get a sense of your style is key to finding pieces you’ll love.

3. “I don’t feel confident in my style” (32%)

Another top reason for outfit anxiety is that people don’t feel comfortable about their own personal style. Understanding your body shape is key when it comes to choosing a look. Knowing your silhouette and how to dress for it inspires so much confidence.

Tip: Check out our series on how to dress for your body type so that you and your stylist can find pieces that flatter your unique shape. 

4. “I feel judged by other people” (31%)

Many people also told us that they worry others won’t like their outfit choices. In a situation like going out to eat—particularly the fashion show that is brunch—it can feel as if your outfit is on display for all to see (since it actually kind of is). Instead of feeling vulnerable, feel empowered in a look that fits your personality.

Tip: Work with your stylist to find your signature piece or a go-to outfit, something you know you’ll look good in no matter what. This can help you feel comfortable and at-ease when you’re heading out to grab a bite to eat—especially if you don’t have much time to get ready. 


5. “I have nothing to wear” (30%)

We’ve all been there before—standing in front of your closet, taking inventory of all the clothes you own. You try on piece after piece and just can’t find anything that works. Sometimes getting out of a style rut just means you need a few new staples to mix into your wardrobe. We’re here to help, and your stylist can work with you to hand-pick pieces that you look and feel great in, so that you’re excited to put together looks.

Tip: Refresh your wardrobe with a seasonal Trunk to get some new pieces you’ll be excited to wear.

If you have dinner plans, we’re here to help you choose an outfit that makes you look and feel your best. Talk to a stylist to start creating your perfect going-out outfit.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.