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What to Wear to 3 Types of Weddings

From daytime to black-tie, we’re breaking down wedding dress codes.

What to Wear to 3 Types of Weddings
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Getting dressed for a wedding can be a little tricky. How dressed up (or down) should you be, and what’s the difference between casual and cocktail attire, anyway? Based on the time and location of the event, we can help you discover the perfect look to celebrate the romance-filled occasion. 

Women's Casual wedding guest attire



If the invite says casual, chances are the wedding will be: 1) during the day 2) outdoors or 3) both. These are the most appropriate occasions for bold color and shorter hemlines. Pro tip: Stick with flats or block heels in the event you’re walking around outside—stilettos would be a nightmare.



Less formal than a black-tie event, cocktail receptions can be held day or night. Mid- to full-length party dresses adorned with lace overlays or romantic hues are sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. Finish off your classic look with neutral accessories.

Women's cocktail dress wedding outfit
Women's Formal wedding dress attiire



Almost always an evening affair, black-tie weddings exude elegance. Opt for a sleek midi dress or long evening gown accented with shoes and bags in evening-appropriate textiles, such as velvet, satin, or patent leather. (And don’t be afraid to bust out those chandelier earrings.)