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Home Sweet Home: Comfy Holiday Looks

Packed with all things cozy and stylish, we’re breaking down all you’ll need to go home for the holidays.

Home Sweet Home: Comfy Holiday Looks
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

As much as we love getting dressed up for the holidays (and the countless parties that come with them), being able to relax at home with loved ones is a welcome change of pace. Whether your perfect holiday entails snuggling in front of the fireplace with hot cider, hosting a low-key game night, or bingeing on classic movies, there’s no better way to do it than in clothing that is as comfortable as it is cute. Ahead, our stylist Aubrey shares must-have pieces that are just that.

Comfy sweaters

Brr, it’s cold outside. But before you crank up the thermostat, opt for a thick knit to warm things up a bit. “Focus on the season’s favorite textiles like cashmere and cotton to stay cozy,” Aubrey says. Whether you’re a pullover kinda gal or you prefer a cardigan, it’s the construction details that really matter. Quality materials with textures like cable-knit feel special and are great no matter where the day may take you.

Snug joggers and leggings

If there’s one universal fashion rule that holds true in any situation, it’s that balance is key. “When pairing separates, opt for a fitted bottom if the top is oversized to balance out the head-to-toe look,” Aubrey says. Slim-fit joggers and leggings are not only extremely comfortable, but offer a little more polish than your average pair of sweats.

Simple tees

Did you know T-shirts were originally intended to be worn as undershirts only? We’re glad times have changed, because if there was ever an off-duty wardrobe essential, it’s the classic tee. “A solid black, white, and staple striped tee are must-haves for any holiday rotation to mix and match with sweaters and cozy accessories,” Aubrey says. Just be sure to pay attention to fit, and go for an option that isn’t too baggy or too restricting.

Textured socks

“The beautiful thing about cozy socks is that you can never have too many,” Aubrey says. Cold feet (both literally and figuratively) are never a good thing. Look for super-soft materials such as wool or microfiber to keep your toes toasty, and no-slip grips for providing stability on slippery floors.

Plush slippers

If your feet are still freezing, it might be time to consider something more substantial—but have fun with it! “My grandma always said that shoes are the window to your personality, and that doesn’t stop with slippers,” Aubrey says. She loves these fuzzy-lined moccasins and statement-making slip-ons.