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Mood-Boosting Colors To Wear in Spring

Color therapy in an outfit? We think so. From neon to neutral, see the “it” spring fashion colors and learn how they can boost your mood.

pink pastel look
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Colorful Spring Clothes

Ready to give your wardrobe a jolt? The transition to spring has inspired a full spectrum of mood-enhancing hues to perk up your closet. Our favorite Spring fashion color trends are rendered in everything from bright citrus to soft pastel, reflecting the optimistic feel of the season. Whether you sneak a saturated accent into your look or go full-blown monochrome, you’ll find a statement color (or three) to freshen things up below.

coral and orange look

Coral and orange

Pantone’s color of the year is in full bloom this spring, along with tropical and citrus hues with golden undertones. If seeing a vibrant dress or fruity heel perks you up, imagine what wearing these colors will do! To style bold tones like these, focus on unique textures, prints, and variations in hue.

Soft pastels

Soft yet vibrant, pastels evoke a sense of youth and newness. Trendsetters are wearing these dreamy shades from head to toe, which is simple to pull off with a one-piece jumpsuit. Pastel accessories can also make a sweet statement, adding a splash of candy color to any clothing ensemble. 

soft pastels
yellow clothing

Luminous yellow

Sunny days are ahead, but your closet can catch some rays right now. Vivid yellow (think dandelion-bright) and luminous variations can have a seriously cheery impact on your closet. If you’re ready to walk on sunshine, a long coat or lacey dress is sure to turn heads—and inspire smiles.

Washed neutrals

A toned-down approach to colorful spring fashion, neutrals are an excellent addition to the stand-out palettes we’re showing. Shades can range from airy off-white to sun-kissed tan and come in knits, leathers, and natural fibers. Pair them together for a sophisticated warm-weather look, or use them to complement your favorite vivid hues.

washed neutral clothing
bright neon looks

Vibrant neon

Neon holds a spot as one of summer’s top color trends, so adding this daring palette to your spring wardrobe will put you ahead of the curve. And, let’s face it—neon is just too cool not to try. For a striking statement, choose a full garment or a one-piece that practically glows.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.