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Hot Hues for Your Winter Wardrobe

Give your closet a color update with four ultraconfident hues.

red womens jacket, yellow womens sweater, green leather skirt, blue dress
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We’re in the heart of winter, which means it’s easy to default to a wardrobe of all black, all the time. While that can be convenient, it’s not a ton of fun. And this time of year (especially this year) we’re all about finding the fun where we can. So why not work it into your wardrobe? There’s no denying the mood-boosting benefit of colorful clothing, especially if you live somewhere cold, dark and dreary. Science has our back on this one—wearing bright colors has been proven to help beat the winter blahs.

We all have that friend who can pull off dressing in dramatic monochrome, but you don't have to go head to toe to feel the effects. Popping your look with one vivid piece or accessory can get your endorphins going. Here are some ideas for brightening your outfit—and your outlook—with colors that make you feel good.

red womens peacoat, womens white collared shirt, gold hoop earrings, womens black and grey checkered pants


Red is the most intense primary color, and the most contradictory. It represents love, anger, danger—it’s all about the extremes. Simply wearing red increases your heartbeat and your confidence. Studies have shown that it gives competitive athletes an edge, both by boosting their sense of dominance and their opponent’s intimidation level. In short, it’s pretty powerful.

We topped this all-eyes-on-you look with a bold tailored coat. The pants balance it out with their wide-leg silhouette and the muted red hue running through the plaid pattern.


Yellow is all about optimism, warmth and energy. It’s the perfect pick-me-up when you need to boost your adrenaline on dark winter mornings, and it evokes summer sunshine in even the smallest doses. Some people steer clear, thinking that yellow only works with certain skin tones or hair colors. But with a range that runs from pale to neon, it’s just a matter of finding the right shade.

Play up the solar power of yellow by wearing it with neutrals, like these faux-leather trousers and classic, clean-lined sneakers.

womens yellow sweater, womens tan leather pants, cheetah print purse, womens white tennis shoes, womens sunglasses
green leather skirt, womens tan sweater, gold necklace, brown womens sandals


Green means go right ahead. It's the color of health (food) and wealth (dollar dollar bill, y'all). It offers balance from its place in the middle of the rainbow, and it's the most soothing color for the eye to take in. Green is the perfect choice when you're dressing to de-stress—or you want to inspire envy.

It doesn’t get fresher than this faux-leather skirt, cozied up with a cropped sweater and shearling-lined sandals.


Blue radiates tranquility. It’s the color of natural beauty, evoking the sky and sea. It’s been known to spark creativity, and it sends signals of confidence and reliability. Wearing blue is an easy way to put yourself and others at ease, so it’s your best bet for making a good first impression.

For maximum impact, pick a piece with a mix of shades. This dress offers all the color’s calming effects in one sleek silhouette.

blue dress, black earrings, black womens boots

Want to add some new hues to your winter wardrobe? Ask for colorful clothes in your next Trunk.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.