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Classy Summer Outfits Made Easy with These 3 Trends

Simple, classy, and undeniably chic. These are the summer trends you’ll want to try now.

New season, new styles. Taking inspiration from the runway and the season’s mellow vibes, these are the three trends you’ll catch us wearing over and over again. Take a look at how we’ve styled them into classy summer outfits, then talk to your stylist about adding the trends to your next Trunk.

Keep it simple with white dresses

Sometimes less really is more. That’s why adding this breezy piece to our list was a no-brainer. The simplicity of a white dress serves as the perfect foundation for any outfit, plus, a lightweight construction is a great choice for hot days. To rock a white dress yourself, pick a style that suits you best, then accessorize accordingly. If you want more of a casual look, try a simple silhouette and pair it with sneakers or flats. For a dressier take, go for a textured design and add colorful shoes and accessories. 

Go nude with your shoes

The season’s most lust-worthy footwear also happens to be the most subdued. Neutral colored shoes are a must-have largely in part of how versatile they are—but don’t underestimate the fashionable edge they can add to an outfit. From heels and wedges, to sandals and slides, look to flesh-toned hues to kick up your look. Not sure how to style them? Coordinate your favorite pair with an earthy toned ensemble or use them to anchor an outfit composed of bright colors.

Tie it up with a tie-front shirt

We’re suckers for classic pieces updated with a contemporary twist. And since summer is all about easy outfits, we’re still sticking to our favorite jeans-and-a-tee combo, but with a little upgrade. Tie-front shirts feature the familiarity and comfort of regular tees, but the added detail offers a cool distinction that feels fresh. Wear them with straight-leg jeans or denim shorts and sneakers for a look that can be worn wherever the dress code calls for a casual-chic outfit.

Now that you’ve read about the summer trends we’ll have on repeat this season, talk to a personal stylist today about the ones you’d like to try.