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Casual Capsule Wardrobe: for the Creative

Just how casual is too casual at the office, especially when you are a Creative professional? Learn how to let your personality shine, while still looking professional with these wardrobe staples.

creative professional
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.

If you work in a creative field, there’s usually room to have a little fun with your work wardrobe. The standard office rules don’t apply, so opt for what feels right for you. Does that mean a bold blouse in a whimsical print? Maybe a leather jacket and a colorful pair of pumps are more your style? We asked our web designer, Sarah, to dish on her casual work staples and how her style helps set her up for success.

The Creative Professional Capsule

The bottom line: 

Having a steady rotation of basics that you can count on is essential. These pieces are versatile, comfortable, and will always look chic no matter how you style them.

Make it your own: 

Don’t be afraid to have fun with it. Let your personality shine by going for fashion-forward prints and incorporating your favorite colors.

Sarah’s style tip: 

“Since I’m a pretty minimal dresser, I love a funky shoe. Shoes can make it look like you tried, even if you didn’t put a ton of thought into the rest of your outfit.”

What the look says:

By choosing a dress with a brilliant pattern and pairing it with an unexpected jacket, you’re visually communicating your willingness to take creative risks (which in this case, definitely pays off).

Why Sarah loves it:

“I always feel a bit more put together when I’m wearing a third piece. A leather jacket is my favorite because it feels like an edgier version of a blazer to me.”

An understated approach:

If minimalism is more your speed, small details can make a big impact. Contrasting seams, interesting silhouettes, or bold textures are all ways to showcase your style perspective.

Patterned dress

Where to wear it:

Client presentations, important meetings, or even happy hour—this outfit is ideal for just about anything.

Make it count:

“I always make sure to invest in high-quality basics because they are in such heavy rotation in my wardrobe.”

A quick switch:

We love this one-and-done piece because of all the different ways it can be worn. Take it from work to weekend with a bomber jacket and crisp sneakers.

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Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.