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How to Dress Professionally in Hot Weather

We’re sharing three of our favorite summer workwear outfits and a style guide to help you dress professionally when it’s hot outside.

How to Dress Professionally in Hot Weather
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As if navigating the rules of workwear wasn’t tricky enough, adding summer into the equation only makes it that much more of a challenge. How do you dress to accommodate warm temperatures outside and the blasting air conditioner inside? Layers. Having an easy piece you can take off or put on as you please makes all the difference. Keeping that in mind, we’re sharing three women’s summer workwear outfits and a step-by-step guide that’ll show you how to dress professionally in hot weather.

Women’s White Pant Suit with Black Pinstripes

Boss lady pant suit  

We love a polished suit for the office because it’s a classic look that never goes out of style—plus, it’s guaranteed to show you mean business. To give your look a summer update, we have a few tips.

  1. Go for a lighter and brighter colored suit for a fresh feel. Ivory, cream, or blush tones are all great options for making a statement without looking over the top.
  2. Consider mixing in a printed top to add a playful touch to your look. Soft pastels are a fun and easy way to incorporate more colors into your outfit.
  3. Keep shoes and accessories minimal. Neutral shoes and accessories in complementary colors add the perfect finishing touches.

Upgraded shift dress 

A sleeveless shift dress is a great choice for summer because it’s sophisticated, simple, and easy to wear. We have a feeling this might even become your new workwear uniform.

  1. When picking a dress, choose something with an all-over print, bright color, or interesting accents.
  2. To make your dress feel office-friendly, and to tackle a too-cold air conditioner, layer on a lightweight, breathable blazer over top. You can add a matching colored blazer to tone down the look or add a contrasting shade to play up the details.
  3. Finish off the look with a comfortable pair of flats to ensure all day comfort (and style).
Women’s Bright Shift Dress with Pastel Blazer
Women’s Colorful Blouse and Dark Denim Outfit

Dressed-up denim 

Whether your office dress code allows denim every day or just on casual Fridays, the most important style tip we can share is to stay away from distressed denim. Other than that, putting together a tasteful office look is pretty easy.

  1. Ensure your casual look doesn’t compromise on professionalism by going for a darker wash and a high-waist style. Be sure to keep cuts to a conservative slim-fit or straight-leg design to mimic the look of trousers.
  2. A sleeveless blouse with a whimsical summer-inspired print is great for injecting your look with personality. Give it a half-tuck in the front and add a belt to define your waist.
  3. Bring the outfit together with a sleek pair of block heels—this is especially great for elongating the legs and adding a smart touch to the overall look.
Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.