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How to Go a Little Bit Boho

Easy ways to add free-spirited style to your wardrobe.

How to Go a Little Bit Boho
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Bohemian style is always evolving, and it never stops trending. It's easy to see why the fashion world can't quit it: from the flowing silhouettes to the must-be-touched textures, the aesthetic is all about ease, attitude and—above all else—romance.
The best thing about it? You don't have to go full '70s to achieve the effect. It's easy to add a little hippie chic to any look by embracing however many boho-inspired elements you please. Here are a handful of tips for tapping into your free-spirited side. 

A smocked midi sundress, a floral-print maxi dress and an embroidered maxi dress.

Fluid Silhouettes

Loose and lightweight, these dresses are designed to swirl with every step, so they won't weigh you down. They're perfect on their own, but the length creates an ideal foundation for layering. Throw on a slouchy sweater to keep the flow going, or top with a clean-lined blazer for a feminine-masculine mix. Look for details like smocking and cinched waists to balance out the shape, or turn up the volume with tiers and pleats.  

Romantic Fabrics

Whisper-weight materials are instant outfit softeners—and an easy way to nail the effortless vibe that boho style's all about. From crinkled cottons to sheer chiffons, these fabrics drape just right and feel as dreamy as they look. You can take advantage of the transparency to play with pattern mixing, or contrast the fluid feel with something structured, like faux-leather trousers or a trucker jacket.

A gauzy pink top, a tie-dyed orange slipdress and a tiered, paisley-print skirt.
A striped, crocheted tank top, a long-sleeve lace minidress and a pair of green shorts with tonal floral embroidery.

Touchable Textures

Texture can turn even the simplest piece into the focal point of your outfit. Crochet and openwork knit create a mesh effect that's made for layering—or showing a flirty flash of skin. Eyelet lace can play peekaboo too, and it evokes an old-fashioned charm. Embroidery adds a handcrafted look along with extra dimension.

Impactful Prints

Microflorals and ditsy prints have always been boho standbys, but this season we're seeing forays into the other extreme. These outsized florals and color-drenched prints demand attention, whether you're wearing a little or a lot. Pick one piece to amp up your neutrals, or mix a couple with coordinating colors when you really want to be seen.

A pink hibiscus-print top, pants printed with plant and city scenes, and a blue-and-pink dress with flowers and polka dots.

Earthy Extras

If you only want to dip a toe into boho style, accessories are the answer. Try woven totes, funky fringed jewelry or an oversized straw hat—bonus points if it's wrapped with an eye-catching scarf. Any of these options add an organic feel, and they work equally well with your dressy or casual outfits.

Find your new favorite must-haves with personal styling.