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5 Ways to Work the Athleisure Trend Into Your Everyday Wardrobe

Here's how to pull off one of the most stylish—and comfortable—trends of the moment.

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There's no doubt about it: The athleisure trend is here to stay. From high-tech leggings to fleece vests and surprisingly chic sneakers, these pieces are some of the most versatile in all of fashion. While there are endless ways to add these styles into your wardrobe, the secret to a super-stylish athleisure outfit is to think outside the box and pair items that might not traditionally be worn together. (Joggers and heels, we're looking at you.)

Ready to reinvent your classic winter wardrobe with an athleisure statement that's as stylish as it is comfy? Here are some easy—and unexpected—ways to incorporate this trend into everyday outfits, whether you're headed to the office or for a night out.

Stylish sports bras

Sports bras have come a long way. Now designed with fun prints, loud colors, and feminine cutouts, they're made to be seen both in and out of the gym. Choose a comfortable sports bra in a fun color or playful pattern to put underneath your favorite button-down or V-neck sweater. Keep the button-down slightly undone to reveal a pop of color or flash of pattern—the sporty piece will instantly make an outfit feel more casual and fun. Add a chunky necklace or pretty gold pendant to draw even more attention to the neckline.

Trade tights for leggings

Switch up your traditional tights and stockings for some leggings (which not only look great, but are warm, comfy, and functional). With options ranging from cute leopard prints to fleece-lined versions, the versatility means you can't really go wrong. Try something colorful or printed with a graphic tee and utilitarian coat. For a more casual moment, pair your black leggings (we particularly love faux leather) with an oversized button-down and lug-sole boots.

Athleisure Outfit Leggings
Athleisure Outfit Sneakers

Sneakers, meet dresses

You've probably already seen the magic of running sneakers worn with dresses on the runways recently. Not only is the combo easy to wear, but it creates an unexpected juxtaposition that looks ultra-modern. Of course, you could also choose to wear a skirt with a chunky cable-knit sweater and some sharp sneakers. Opt for longer midi skirts to draw attention down to your cool kicks.

Invest in the vest

The vest is one of our favorite unexpected activewear pieces. Athleisure versions that contain puffer panels and insulation can do double duty, meaning you can wear them out on a frosty winter morning jog or when having drinks with friends. For a fashion-forward look, style your vest over pretty wintry dresses with feminine details such as velvet fabric or ruffle trim. Try dressing down a silk blouse with a sporty vest, then layer on the warmth with a beanie in a coordinating color.

Athleisure Outfit Vests
Athleisure Outfit Sweat Pants

Update your sweats

Planning a fun night out but still want to stay cozy? Combine a pair of athleisure joggers with your favorite blouse and a structured leather jacket or blazer. The sharp angles and contrast look edgy, and you'll remain extremely comfortable. For even more visual appeal, add some killer heels and a stack of bracelets. Yep, it's actually possible to look glamorous while wearing sweatpants—and we highly encourage it.

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