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How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe This Winter

An easy way to amp up a toned-down look.

colorful wardrobe for winter
January 30, 2019

Winter can leave us in the habit of always reaching for blacks and greys. And while neutrals have their place, there’s something special about a pop of color that can change your whole vibe. So when you find yourself wearing a black turtleneck and jeans again, don’t despair—there’s an easy way to kick things up a notch.

Pop of red

Doubled up

We love the way colorful accessories can take a classic, go-to outfit and make it instantly eye-catching. A bag-and-scarf combo is the perfect way to pull that off. And don’t think you have to match them tone-for-tone—shades of the same color also look great together. But if you’re in love with a color like this energetic red, don’t hesitate to go all out.

Foot note

No matter the outfit, people will always see your shoes—which makes them prime real estate for a pop of color. If they’re the focal point of the outfit, keep everything else relatively low-key. Even something that’s usually a statement piece (like this bucket bag) can be brought down to earth in a neutral hue. Because when you wear blue suede shoes, you want them to be the stars of the show.

Pop of blue
Subtle pink pop of color

Soft touch

A pop of color doesn’t have to be in-your-face. It can be subtle, like blush, and even incorporate a print. Multi-color pieces let you play around with matching accessories. For example, this scarf looks great with a blush bag for daytime, but you could also try a deep burgundy one for a richer evening look.

Our stylists are happy to help you add color to your wardrobe this winter. Message your stylist today to get started.