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Activewear Made for Fall Weather

Good-looking gear to keep you moving all season.

Foral bike shorts, a red windbreaker, multicolored shorts, green sandals, a black longline sports bra, blue running shoes and a black hoodie.
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Fall is the ideal time to exercise outside—as long as you're ready for the weather. Sun, rain and cool temperatures are all equally likely, but they won't derail your routine if you invest in the right activewear. From windbreakers to water-resistant shoes, our favorite pieces have one thing in common: they're purpose-built to take on the elements, with materials that keep you comfortable and protected so you can focus on your workout. Check out our top picks for fall and gear up for your own outdoor action.    

A women's outfit with a light-blue long-sleeve shirt, a black hoodie, floral-print bike shorts, black sweatpants and blue running shoes.

Stay Warm

It might be chilly when you get started, so light, breathable layers are a must. Performance fabrics with polyester offer the insulation you need without extra weight. Top your outfit off with a quarter-zip hoodie—it locks in the warmth and gives you climate control.    

Stay Dry

If your goal is getting your miles in whether rain or shine, outfits like this make it easier. Water-repellent, quick-drying materials wick away moisture while keeping your internal airflow going, and reflective details keep you safer in dark or drizzly conditions.    

An outfit with a pink jacket, a black sports bra, striped grey tights, a black cap and white sneakers.
An outfit with a green long-sleeve shirt, a white tank, floral-print shorts, sunglasses and sport sandals.

Stay Sun-Safe

Summer may be over, but sun protection is an all-season consideration. Along with your shades and sunscreen, look for tech fabrics with built-in UPF protection that can help block harmful UV rays.    

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