Trunk Club Launches New Incentive Program for Employers

Businesses Can Now Provide Employees with Style and Wardrobe Perks

Chicago, Ill., Jan. 31, 2018 – Trunk Club, a men’s and women’s personal styling service, recently launched Trunk Club for Business, a new service providing human resource and business leaders access to Trunk Club’s personal stylists.The new program is designed to help employers provide a different type of incentive to help recruit, retain, and reward talent.

Today’s employer landscape requires more innovative thinking when it comes to designing employee incentive programs. According to research conducted by ICMIS, nine in 10 Millennials and Gen X’ers say that non-traditional benefits make employers more attractive, and 56 percent of employees say they would trade salary for on-the-job perks.

“Trunk Club for Business started because we noticed a real opportunity to help companies increase their ROI on employee incentive programs. Most incentives today consist of gift cards, trips, or electronics that motivate a certain behavior, but don’t have lasting positive effects for the organization,” said Melissa Oliver, Senior Director of Trunk Club for Business.

“We design these programs to be mutually beneficial. The employee loves it because they feel more confident when they work with a personal stylist to build a better professional wardrobe. Plus, they enjoy a non-traditional perk. Employers reap the benefits of improved employee performance, better retention, easier recruiting, and a better-dressed and more confident workforce representing their brand.”

Employers work with a dedicated account manager from Trunk Club to design a personalized incentive program to meet the needs of their organization. Examples of these programs include:

  • Rewards and Incentives: Organizations purchase Trunk Club credits as a sales contest reward or an incentive for high performance. After earning the incentive, the employees are paired with a personal Trunk Club stylist.

  • Employee Appreciation: Companies give employees the gift of Trunk Club for events like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or for going above and beyond.

  • Employee Education: With all solutions, employees receive one-on-one wardrobe education from their personal stylist. Other solutions offer onsite, interactive education from Trunk Club experts during new hire trainings, sales meetings or other team events about keys to professional dressing.

  • Customer and Partner Loyalty: Trunk Club can also help develop a strategy that includes your customers and partners. Additionally, they can provide unique ways to integrate into your loyalty and customer appreciation programs.

“A company's brand is represented by its culture and the people who represent it,” said Shelli Nelson, president of Chicago SHRM. “Working with Trunk Club is a strategic advantage to not only elevate an individual's presence in the workplace, but to reward and recognize people in a unique way that translates into an engaging culture everyone wants to work for.”

Trunk Club piloted the service in late 2017 with companies in the automotive, food and beverage, professional services, consulting, media, sports, and technology industries.

Once programs are created, employees work with their own personal stylist by appointment at one of Trunk Club’s six Clubhouses or via their Trunk service.

To learn more about Trunk Club for Business or contact a representative, please visit

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