Nordstrom Trunk Club Launches Style Swipes

New experience allows customers to share style preferences in engaging visual format

Chicago, Ill., Aug. 6, 2019 --Today, Nordstrom Trunk Club, a styling service, announced the release of Style Swipes, an easy and fun experience where customers quickly swipe left or right on different items to give their stylist a better sense of their style. By learning what they like and don’t like, their stylist can better understand their unique style, which in turn creates an even more personalized experience.

“We heard from our customers that it’s tough to articulate how they define their style,” said Michael Markowski, vice president of product management at Nordstrom Trunk Club. “We believe each person’s style is as unique as they are, and this new visual way for customers to share their style gives us a nuanced and actionable understanding of customers’ preferences. Style Swipes helps our stylists give even more personalized style recommendations.”

Customer’s swipe information is shared with their stylist to help them pack Trunks and create outfits that are uniquely aligned to their style. Nordstrom Trunk Club stylists can see item-level feedback from Style Swipes in a customer’s profile and when putting together Trunks.

Additionally, the feedback is aggregated to improve recommendation engines and to drive product innovation. When this feedback is compiled across different customers with different style profiles, the styling service can better understand what type of people like what types of products and leverage technology to arm stylists with this knowledge for curation.

“Listening to customers is an essential part of what we do at Nordstrom Trunk Club. By launching Style Swipes, we’ve created an engaging new feedback channel for our customers and the opportunity to share powerful insights with our stylists,” continues Markowski. “Our customers value feeling heard by their stylists, so we are focused on aggregating, translating, and sharing this style feedback with our stylists and throughout Nordstrom Trunk Club. It’s all about creating a meaningful one-of-kind experience for every customer.”

Current customers can access Style Swipes on in their customer profile or in the Nordstrom Trunk Club iOS app, available in the Apple App Store. 

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