Trunk Club Launches New Feature Giving Customers the Option to Add Additional Items to Their Trunks

CHICAGO, IL, March 19, 2019 -- Today, Trunk Club announced the launch of its newest feature, Your Picks, which allows customers the ability to add up to three additional items from categories like socks, undergarments, basics, and accessories easily to their Trunk.

The Your Picks experience is part of Trunk Club’s unique Trunk Preview, where customers can see and give feedback on the 10-12 items their stylist has selected before the Trunk ships. With the launch of Your Picks, after approving or rejecting the items their stylist has selected, customers can select an additional three items from the curated categories.

The feature was created after Trunk Club identified categories and items that were frequently purchased elsewhere but were not typically purchased through their stylist.

“By launching Your Picks, we’re providing Trunk Club customers a self-service opportunity coupled with the advice of their expertly trained Trunk Club stylist,” said Michael Markowski, vice president of product at Trunk Club. “We’re a one-stop shop for a person’s entire wardrobe needs. By creating a self-service feature in a few categories, we can better serve our customers, while maintaining the highest-levels of curation and customer-service.” 

Your Picks categories include socks, undergarments, shapewear, basics, men’s and women’s accessories, and jewelry. As a size inclusive styling service, Trunk Club offers merchandise across sizing categories from petite to plus size for women and inclusive of big and tall for men.

Any items selected as a part of the Your Picks feature will be a part of Trunk Club’s at-home try on experience. Customers will have five days to choose what they want to keep and send back the rest. They’ll be charged for what they keep after the Trunk is received or they complete self-checkout.

As with all items purchased from Trunk Club, if Your Picks pieces are kept, the customer will see them in the wardrobe section of the app and stylists can create outfits with them. 

Your picks

About Trunk Club: Trunk Club is a Chicago-based personalized styling service for men and women, offering
 both virtual and in-person shopping options. Shoppers can visit Trunk Club's retail Clubhouses in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., for an in-person styling session or custom fitting for any occasion. For those who prefer an at-home experience, Trunk Club offers a virtual styling option, where a personal stylist sends a curated Trunk of clothing to their home based on the customer's style, fit, and lifestyle preferences. Trunk Club offers everything from weekend casual clothing to formal wear, and as a subsidiary of Nordstrom, the clothes and service are on par with those standards.

For more information on Trunk Club, visit: or follow on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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