New Nordstrom Trunk Club survey reveals seventy-seven percent of Americans have changed their style since staying home

CHICAGO, Ill (April 22, 2020) — Nordstrom Trunk Club, a personal styling service, conducted a survey of 2,000 Americans about the ways people are navigating getting dressed while staying home. 

According to the new research, when asked if their personal style changed since they’ve been staying home, seventy-seven percent of respondents shared that their style has changed during the crisis, and they are struggling to come up with what to wear. As a result, fifty-six percent are incorporating more loungewear and comfortable clothing into their lives and are looking to find new ways to explore their closet.

“During this unprecedented time, we remain focused on serving our customers by meeting their style needs,” says Megan Bernstein, Vice President of Marketing for Nordstrom Trunk Club. “To adapt to their changing needs, we’re sending more active and loungewear to our customers who want to be comfortable while working from home and are helping others choose and style around clothes from their closet to look their best and feel great on video calls.” 

So, if Americans are feeling this style pressure while working from home, how are they deciding what to wear? How are they changing their style? The below survey results reveal how respondents are navigating style during the crisis and preparing their closets for post-quarantine life.

Before the crisis, 59% dressed up every day or most days, and now only 25% do. More than one in three people are incorporating more loungewear and comfortable clothing during self-isolation, and nearly one in four have given up, saying that comfort outweighs style. In fact, 54% of women who have a “go-to” item for quarantine, say that leggings are their most commonly worn piece. 


While many prioritize comfort at home, others are looking to find that sweet spot between professional and comfortable, especially on video calls. 76% of those who have work video calls at least occasionally make an extra effort to dress up for them. The most common attire for those who have work video calls at least occasionally is a “work appropriate top but casual bottoms.” 


52% of Americans say they make an effort to dress up during the week. Of that group, four out of five say it makes them more productive. And over half of these people are getting dressed first thing in the morning as though they were leaving the house.

Of those who dress up at least 1-2 days per week, ninety-five percent say that dressing up puts them in a more positive mood, and fifty-five percent said they dress up because they simply want to feel good.

While people have been staying home, 32% have made online purchases of clothing to suit their new stay-at-home needs and lifestyle, but 77% percent anticipate style changes when returning to work in their offices. Two out of five are excited to start wearing their professional clothing again, while over one in three will want to keep wearing comfortable clothing. 

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The survey data was conducted using the online survey platform, Pollfish, and compiled by DKC Analytics. All of the 2,000 adults (18 years or older) in the United States are quarantined and working from home.

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