Tom Patterson was fed up with the way his undershirts untucked, shrank, and yellowed. So he built a better one. With that under his belt, he reinvented underwear. Each pair features a contoured pouch that keeps your goods in place, a “Quick Draw” fly for easy access, and stretch fabric that breathes. Plus they look awesome.

Tommy John UnderwearTommy John Underwear Socks

The Gist

  • “Quick Draw” fly for easy access
  • Contour pouch eliminates having to “re-adjust”
  • Breathable fabric

Stylist Take

"If you asked my husband his favorite thing about my job, he would tell you "finding Tommy John under shirts." They are simply the best option on the market, and a great upgrade from his old white Hanes tees."

Elana Kaplan

Stylist | Chicago

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