Originally founded by BF Goodrich and then quietly shelved for forty years, Seavees was recently rediscovered in a Tokyo thrift store by a shoe industry veteran with a passion for 1960's Calfornia. He saw in the brand everything he loved about the world's coolest place and time: easy elegance, natural beauty and a free sprit that's just a bit off center. Today, Seavees shoes capture the heart of coastal casual style for today's California dreamers.

Seavees Loafer ShoesSeavees Lace-Up Shoes

The Gist

  • Rediscovered in a Tokyo thirft store
  • Inspired by the style of 1960s California
  • Easy elegance

Stylist Take

"The cool sneakers you should be wearing when you are an adult."

Birdie Bartholomew

Stylist | Dallas

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