Building on their heritage as a hunting and fishing outfitter, Rodd & Gunn has become one of New Zealand's finest clothing makers. Their garments are made to do a job, and they never let embellishment or excess get in the way of function. Using the finest Italian fabrics, selected for their rich textures and understated colors, Rodd & Gunn makes robust clothes that work well everywhere, from the field to the office.

The Gist

  • Italian fabrics
  • An iconic New Zealand brand
  • Go-to styles for work and weekends

"We don’t believe in putting bells and whistles on a garment just for the sake of it. Clothing has to do a job, and the function of each of our items is paramount."

John Prikryl, creative director , Rodd & Gunn

Stylist Take

"This brand is like the Ralph Lauren of New Zealand. Classic pieces with contemporary style."

Christina Kozaya

Stylist | Chicago

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