Most dress shirts take four days to make. Eton shirts take four weeks. Most wrinkle-resistant dress shirts are sprayed with chemicals like formaldehyde. Eton shirts are made with fewer chemicals than a cup of Earl Grey. Most dress shirts need to be dry cleaned. Eton shirts can go in the wash. We could go on, but you get the point: Eton shirts aren't like most other dress shirts.

Eton of Sweden shirtsPattered suit shirt combo

The Gist

  • Naturally wrinkle-resistant
  • Can be worn with or without cuff links
  • Made from the finest cotton in the world
  • Less chemicals than a cup of tea

"You could wash our shirts over 1,000 times and they would never lose their wrinkle-resistance. The cotton has been restructured on a molecular level."

Chris Donohue, director of North American sales , Eton

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