It's hard to improve something as perfect as denim, but that's exactly what DL 1961 did. The company's proprietary four-way stretch fabric solves three age-old denim problems: Baggy knees, loose waist, and diaper butt. The fabric flexes in every direction, so whether you're walking to work, sardined in coach, or doing your best Van Damme impression, your pants retain their shape—looking and feeling as good at the end of the day as the moment you put them on.

DL1968 Dark DenimDL1961 Dark Denim Look

The Gist

  • Made in America
  • Four-way stretch ensures the jeans will never sag or lose their shape
  • All-day comfort

Stylist Take

"I call this 'gateway denim' because it's addictive. DL's 360-degree stretch makes these jeans so comfortable that you'll never want to take them off!"

Jen Dressel

Stylist | Chicago

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