No matter the job you’re after, you shouldn’t wear anything less formal than a sport coat to an interview. And for certain positions, a well-fitting suit is an absolute must. Whether you’re walking into an easygoing office or one that’s more formal, here are some looks that’ll help you nail the interview.

What type of interview is it?

The creative mastermind

(Almost) all business

If you're gunning for a job in a laid-back office, keep it relaxed with a sport coat and chinos. (Tie and sneakers optional.)

The seasoned vet

What to wear to a job interview

Experience Abounds

You're interviewing them as much as they're interviewing you. Shake things up with a bold combination of patterns that pack professionalism and personality.

The future CEO

Straight to the point

Let your work speak for itself with an understated but well-fitting combination. Navy suit. White shirt. Brown shoes. Can't miss.

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