Looking for alternatives to checks or plaid? Microprints are one of the biggest trends for spring, and they give a button-down the same casual feel without making you look like every other guy in the room. Here are three takes on pulling off the look.

The tame approach

Not quite ready to stray from your comfort zone? Then look for a solid shirt with printed accents, like cuffs or collars. (You could still wear some bold colors, though. Just sayin'.)

The bold approach

Yes, this shirt is covered in polka dots. So go all in with short sleeves— rolled up—paired with another of the season's trendiest pieces: light-wash denim.

The in-between approach

Having some complicated feelings about this? Here's a simple solution: tone down an eye-catching print by layering it under your favorite zip-up. Trend tried, risk averted.

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