Business Travel Loafers


Work smarter, not harder. Narrow-toed loafers make for a polished, business-ready look that'll breeze through security.

Business Travel Blazer

Deconstructed blazer

Deconstructed blazers were built for business travel. They’re comfortable, professional—and since they look great slightly wrinkled—you can toss them in the overhead without worrying.

Business Travel Shirts

Dress shirts

To completely change the look of your outfit, just swap out your dress shirt. That's why we always encourage packing extras on long trips. (Bring extra socks and underwear, too.)

Business Travel Denim

Stretch denim

Whether you’re laying back in business class or confined to coach, stretch denim provides game-changing comfort that you really shouldn't deprive yourself of while traveling.

Business Travel Sweater

V-neck sweater

Plane cabins tend to vary from bitter cold to boiling hot. No matter the season, prepare yourself with an extra layer that can easily be tossed on or taken off. We recommend a v-neck sweater because they're both comfortable and professional.

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